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Funky [fun-kee], adj:    

1. Having a moldy or musty smell: ie funky cheese.

2. Of or relating to music that has an earthy quality reminiscent of the blues.

3. Characterized by originality and modishness; unconventional.

4. Outlandishly vulgar or eccentric in a humorous or tongue-in-cheek manner; campy.

Happy to report, first off, that the “funk” at Funky Asia doesn’t refer to the scent of this new Pan Asian restaurant in Spitalfields.  

Neither is the Funky Asia name inspired by music reminiscent of the blues, or indeed of any combination of musical elements found within jazz, blues or soul (syncopated rhythms, heavy bass lines etc).

It's just funky.

Having got off to a slightly tricky start (the restaurant’s owner parted company with his General Manager just before Funky Asia officially opened), it is worth a visit – largely for the fun and the randomness of it all.

The eclectic menu from executive chef Danh Huu Bui (ex-Roka and Nobu) incorporates items that appear to have arrived from all over Southeast Asia – Japanese-style mushroom gyoza; seared beef with Vietnamese honey soy and cucumber salad; miso soup; selections of Sushi, Sashimi and Toban; and main courses that include Korean-style lamb chops, Hanoi-style duck breast, spicy Thai chicken, and sea bream - steamed Vietnamese-style.

Funky Asia is all about casual dining: good, well-priced food in a vibrant and unique space filled with coloured lights, steel cladding and scattered chesterfields.

In summary, it’s something different.

Funky Asia [Fun-kee Aiz-sha], n: 

1.Nothing to do with jazz, blues (or any derivative of either one).

2.New restaurant to be applauded for being the most unusual restaurant in Spitalfields, and for creating a fun and unconventional environment in which to sample a diverse range of traditional and modern Asian fare.

Funky Asia | 159 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6BJ

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