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Unusual Restaurants In London

The Nudge’s Guide to Unusual Restaurants in London 

Sometimes - certainly more often than any of your friends would know - you like to indulge your quirky side.

Such occasions must be celebrated in a place that’s as strange as we all know you really are. 

Luckily there are a lot of unusual restaurants in London where you can indulge your oddness.  

These are some of the best of them:

Bunga Bunga You’ll enter Bunga Bunga through an Italian phone box, head past the large gondola-shaped bar and soon find yourself at a tribute wall dedicated to Silvio Berlusconi himself...

La Bodega Negra  Step 1: head to Old Compton Street. Step 2: find the illuminated entrance to a seedy-looking sex shop, an entrance so raw, authentic and unforgiving as to give you no reassurance whatsoever that it’s not exactly what it appears to be. Step 3.... 

Supperclub   A Notting Hill - nay, a global - institution of oddness. The Granddaddy of alternative dining experiences, Supperclub brings you great food and drinks, in bed. And entertains you all night with alternative cabaret artists and performers, before finishing everything off with a big party. Whoop.

Meat Liquor The bastard offspring of a meatwagon, a twitter craze and a pop-up burger joint above a pub in New Cross – this is not a typical Marylebone restaurant. 

Les Trois Garcons  The definition of a quirky interior: heavy drapes; oddities around every corner and inquisitive stuffed animals peering at you from every wall. It don't come cheap, but the food is most often excellent.    

Volupte  "Excuse me waiter, but that lady's pants are in my soup". Cheeky.

Archipelago Definitely one of the most unusual restaurants in London : a moodily-lit, exotic and mysterious place serving crocodile, wildebeest, garlic crickets and scorpion.

Burger & Lobster Arguably not unusual at all. However by virtue of having the smallest menu in London, it is hereby included.

Sarastro  An opera-themed, Mediterranean/Turkish restaurant on Drury Lane that offers actual performances of opera and occasional belly dances. Go for the theatre of it all (and to experience what it feels like to be in a restaurant that's managed to fit twice as much stuff inside as should be physically possible).

Flat Iron There's actually nothing unusual about Flat Iron.... other than the fact you can't get quality steak as cheaply as this (in nice surroundings) anywhere else in London. 

Circus  Love this place.  That's an order. A nice pan-Asian menu, each course punctuated by a series of acrobats swinging on hoops from the ceiling, and fire-eating dancers carefully flipping over the wine glasses on your table.  A table that you'll be dancing on by the end of the night, you crazy fool.


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