Brixton Market

If you aren’t already familiar with Brixton Market, there’s a clue in the name.

It’s a market down in Brixton.

In fact it’s THE market down in Brixton. And it’s entirely owned & operated by the traders themselves. Those traders are plentiful, varied, and exciting, so there’s a lot to take in. We’ll break it down as simply as possible, starting with:


These are exactly what you picture when you imagine a market – it’s all outdoors, lining the streets of Electric Avenue (not just a name, this was the first street in the world lit by electric lights) and Brixton Station Road (also not just a name, it’s right outside Brixton station). You’ll find everything from quirky antiques, to African ornaments, to interesting fabrics, to fresh fruit & veg. And if it’s raining? You’re in luck. Just head to-


Salon, Brixton

These are the covered markets, entirely housed within grand arcades two stories high. They’ve got glass roofs to let the light flood in, and they’re jam packed with about 128 businesses across both sites. You’ll find coffeeshops, restaurants, food shops, music stores, bars, ice cream parlours, retro & vintage, clothing… you name it, it’s probably there. In fact, they proudly boast that they sell “486 different types of fresh fish, and 300 types of African fabric print”.

And while we’re here, it’s probably important to expand on the restaurants. You see, they’ve not only got the dependable favourites like Honest Burgers, but also inventive spots like Salon, Nanban, and Champagne + Fromage. In case you want to push the boat out. Annnnd there’s the dedicated space they set aside for up-and-coming chefs, who’re gifted the restaurant as a competition prize. (Currently occupied by the excellent Chishuru.) And speaking of restaurants, there’s also…


POP is an entire village made from shipping containers. And those shipping containers contain dozens of bars & restaurants; plus a tattoo parlour; a radio station; a community training hub; a balcony terrace; free yoga every Monday *and* a big greenhouse for growing stuff in.

Pop along and you’ll find Indian and British food fusion at Baba G’s; stone-baked pizza by Made of Dough; vintage attire by Make Do & Mend; plus a variety of weekly film screenings, gigs, TedX talks, debates, live performances, DJs, and more.

Basically, to sum up, Brixton Market has a lot going on.



NOTE: Electric Avenue & Pope’s Road outdoor markets are open daily 8am–6pm (Weds till 3pm, No Sunday trading); Brixton Village & Market Row are open daily 8am—11.30pm (Mondays till 6pm); POP Brixton is open 12pm-10pm (11.30pm Thur/Fri/Sat). You can find out more and double check timings at their website right HERE.

Brixton Market | Electric Avenue, SW9 8JX

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Brixton Market

Brixton Market , Electric Avenue, Brixton, SW9 8JX
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