Electric Shuffle | A New Tabletop Shuffleboard Bar From Flight Club

Flight Club Is Taking On Shuffleboard...

Electric Shuffle

Electric Shuffle | Canary Wharf Shuffleboard

Last Updated: 24th June 2019 | Main image: Joshua Coleman/Unsplash

Flight Club is really taking the biscuit with its next activity bar.

See, the team are planning to branch out from darts bars to apply their unparalleled mix of high-tech wizardry, cocktails and general joie de vivre to the game of shuffleboard.

Once the province of Miami pensioners and the Tudors, shuffleboard has been enjoying a renaissance thanks to the likes of Shoreditch’s London Shuffle Club. If you haven’t yet played, it basically revolves around using a long stick (the ‘tang’) to push a flat disc (the ‘biscuit’) onto a hopscotch-like scoreboard at the end of a long lane, avoiding the negative points zone at the end (the ‘kitchen’).

Because obviously that’s the last place you want to put your biscuits.

At Electric Shuffle, they’ll be focussing on the tabletop version of the game, where you push the biscuits by hand along satisfyingly smooth table lanes. Knowing Flight Club’s penchant for souping up traditional bar sports, it’ll likely come with a few more bells and whistles – there’ll be three different ways of playing the game, and each table will be hooked up to automatic scoring boards. It’s thought there’ll be about a dozen to play on, surrounding a bar which’ll be serving up their signature boozie slushies, sharing cocktails and bar snacks.

It’ll all be setting up in the centre of Canary Wharf in Cabot Square, but the grapevine reckons they’re already looking at a London Bridge opening, too…

Just to keep things shuffling along.


NOTE: Electric Shuffle is set to open in Canary Wharf by the end of the year. We’ll keep you in the loop – but in the meantime, you can head to Flight Club in Shoreditch, Bloomsbury and Victoria.

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