Electric Shuffle

Electric Shuffle | Canary Wharf Shuffleboard

Last Updated: 28th November 2019

Adding electricity to shuffleboard?

You’re in for a shock.

Because the centuries-old bar sport has been cordially introduced to the 21st century by the people behind Flight Club. They’ve applied their unparalleled mix of high-tech wizardry, cocktails and general joie de vivre to the game, then put it into a venue worthy of such a grand cultural leap.

Electric Shuffle

It’s in Canary Wharf (and it’s worth a trip even if you don’t work there), and set across two floors. They’ve dolled it all up with a playful retrofuturistic vibe that occasionally dips into steampunkey territory thanks to things like the huge centrepiece bar, which boasts a double-height neon lighting installation.

Electric Shuffle

As you walk in, you’ll notice a large ’70s-esque control panel (directly inspired by the Netflix show Maniac) taking up the entire wall. Right at hand-height is a button labeled ‘Do Not Press’. Obviously, you press it immediately. Lights dance across the wall, for the first of many, many times (or until you stop pressing it).

There are ten lanes in all across both floor, each in a semi-private area of its own. You’ll find a little touchscreen next to the lane itself, from which you can do everything – call for table service, upload team photos, choose your game, etc. And speaking of games, they’ve got three at launch:

Electric Shuffle

Territory – this is a game wholly of their own invention. In it, the computer separates the lane into hundreds of virtual hexagons. Each hexagon is coloured the same as the puck that’s currently closest to it. So the idea is to capture ‘territory’ by landing pucks in the most empty space (or by huddling up to enemy pucks to steal theirs). Whichever team gets the most territory wins. It’s instant fun.

Amplifier – this is their take on traditional shuffleboard, where the aim is to simply land in the various scoring zones marked out on the lane.

Eclipse – this one’s a take on boules, in which you’ve got to land your puck as close to the board’s central black spot as possible, strategically knocking others’ off the mark.

Of course, there are drinks too (craft beers, frozen cocktails, sharing drinks, all the usual), plus food (there’s a pizza oven if you’re into it, or just a few classics like your standard lobster mac & cheese). And they’re doing brunch that promises a bottle of prosecco per person.

You’ll be doing a little shuffling of your own, after that.


NOTE: Electric Shuffle is open daily. Tables cost £20 per hour off-peak and £40 peak (weekdays after 4pm, and Saturdays). You can make a booking right here

Electric Shuffle | 10 Cabot Square, North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, E14 4EY

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Electric Shuffle

10 Cabot Square, North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, E14 4EY
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