Hattie Lloyd 02/11/20

Half Hitch Gin Making


It’s not always as clear as it looks.

Luckily, however, London has a pretty rich heritage of having a good go at it anyway – and it’s a little known fact that back in the late 19th century, it was Camden Lock that was the beating heart of London’s gin scene; packed with distilleries, warehouses, and even fitted with its own personal gin express railway that imported the stuff out to global buyers daily.

So, no pressure on any gin distillers that choose to set up shop there today, then.

But the first ones to arrive there in 50 years, Half Hitch, are doing their historic area justice – because their own gin, distilled in a traditional copper still inside their unassuming Camden Market workshop, is unequivocally delicious – and has, unsurprisingly, had awards piled upon it.

A few years later, they’re now also distilling all of their own, first-hand artisanal knowledge into a gin masterclass, in which not only will you get a thorough introduction to gin and their own particular processes and botanicals (black tea, bergamot, wood, hay and pepper, since you ask), they’ll also help you to create your very own bespoke gin, with literally any ingredients that you bring along (for better or worse, Percy Pigs have, apparently, made an appearance).

With a few tastings to help you along your way, you’ll then trot out with a wealth of new knowledge, and bottles of both their gin and yours to take home with you.

So you can really make martinis with a twist.


NOTE: Half Hitch Gin Making takes place at various times on weekdays, and costs £60pp (including your class, a Half Hitch gin and your own gin to take home). You can book online right HERE.

Half Hitch Microdistillery | Unit 53 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF

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Half Hitch Gin Making

Half Hitch Microdistillery, Unit 53, Camden Lock Place, Camden Market, North London, NW1 8AF