Laki Kane's Spiced Dry Rum Club

Going to Laki Kane’s Spiced Dry Rum Club?

Laki you.

Because you’ll get to blend your very own bespoke bottle of spiced dry rum to take home with you, in a truly unique space (that looks an awful lot like a pirate ship), while drinking your way through the history of the spirit itself. Here’s how it all goes down:

First of all, the Club itself is set upstairs in Islington’s lush, laid-back, tropically inspired Laki Kane. Here, you can find some of the planet’s best tiki drinks made with one of the country’s largest collections of rum. Heading up to the Club room, you’ll be presented with a space filled with suspended rigging, old 17th century maps and table masts centrepiece by nineteen beautiful copper alembic pot stills.

The session lasts for about 2 & 1/2 hours (don’t worry, food is provided), and involves one of London’s foremost rum experts taking you through a little rum history, a little rum tasting, and a little ingredient experimentation. You’ll then get to re-distill your own rum using the various fruits & spices you’ve been exploring, and take home a 700ml bottle of the stuff at the end.

You’ll even get a goodie bag, and the immense satisfaction that comes with making something completely unique to you.

And yes, apparently you can bottle that.


NOTE: The Spiced Dry Rum Club experience costs £120 (inc. food, drink, and the spoils of your labour) and can be booked HERE. They also run ‘express’ versions for £45.

Laki Kane | 144-145 Upper Street, N1 1QY

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Laki Kane Spiced Dry Rum Club

144-145 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1QY
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