Hattie Lloyd 30/05/19

Skuna BBQ Boats

Most things are better on boats.

Except holes.

And now, the people who brought you a restaurant on a boat and a hot tub in a boat are going one better, and bringing you…

BBQ boats.

Skuna BBQ Boats

Moored up alongside the Hot Tugs at their West India Quay docks; the BBQ boats are privately hireable for you and up to 9 friends. Tip up, and you’ll be given a crash course in boat steering (not literally) before hopping aboard your craft and conducting a leisurely tour of the Canary Wharf canals over the best part of two hours.

You’re totally free to decide your own route – you can choose to navigate under bridges and through passages lined by glittering skyscrapers, or just stay afloat overlooking the quay while you get the barbecue going. The boats themselves are a perfect circle, with bench seating surrounding the central ‘cue so everyone can take turns with the cooking. There’s even a parasol for sunnier days (which magically doubles as an umbrella for rainier days).

Skuna BBQ Boats

The BBQ equipment will all be provided, so all you need to do is bring your own meat, veg and booze – though naturally the driver will have to stay dry…

…If you want the boat to stay dry.


NOTE: BBQ Boats are available to hire daily, with daytime and evening slots. Boat hire ranges from £150-£250 depending on your time slot – find out more, and book in HERE.

BBQ Boats | Off Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, E14 4AL

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Skuna BBQ Boats

Off Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, Canary Wharf, East London, E14 4AL

0207 205 2827