Hattie Lloyd 12/08/21

The Climbing Hangar

Feel like climbing the walls after a day in the office?

Well, best do it somewhere that provides a safety harness.

Somewhere like The Climbing Hangar, which is squeezed into an industrial estate in Parsons Green and represents both a cool alternative to the gym and a fun environment to get over your fear of heights / exercise / people who climb / helmet hair / fleece.

The purpose built bouldering centre is an excellent example of utilising small spaces in London. There’s a room downstairs centred around a climbing pillar (of sorts) and then another room upstairs built like a cave, with overhanging climbs.

The Climbing Hangar

There are over 100 climbing routes for all abilities, ranging from V0-V6 (which is climbing speak for everyone can come along) which are changed once a week in order to ensure that you’ll never get bored. There are also competition routes (for the hard core), a training area complete with hang boards, campus boards and weights; and even a Moonboard – the state of the art training wall that has LED lit routes to guide you. Here’s a walk around video of the space to give you an idea.

They also run coached sessions if you’re hell bent on one-upping your mates next time you go together, and in-house yoga sessions if you want to strengthen up, or simply don’t like climbing (which would, to be fair, make it an odd destination for a yoga class).

If you’re resting and/or tired and/or lazy and/or want to be seen there but don’t want to do any climbing, there’s a café and viewing gallery at the front of the space complete with sofas, so you can watch on and judge the climbers…


NOTE: The Climbing Hangar is open from 06.30 on weekdays and 09.00 on weekends. For more information, head here.

The Climbing Hangar | 5 Parsons Green Depot, 33-35 Parsons Green Ln, SW6 4HH

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The Climbing Hangar

5 Parsons Green Depot, 33-35 Parsons Green Ln, West London, West London, SW6 4HH