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Arthill Gallery

It’s not often that the gallery itself is a work of art.

But the Arthill Gallery certainly makes the bar. It’s all housed inside a beautiful, Gothic-style church that was built in 1887 by architect AH Goodall. The hand-carved masonry & Victorian detailing has all been recently restored to its original condition, and the interior has been converted into a pretty decent place to show off some art.

Arthill Gallery

That art comes in the form of mostly modern & contemporary work from a mishmash of both Western and Eastern artists. In fact, it’s the mission statement of Arthill to help bring together the worlds of Asian & European art in their space, particularly by helping up and coming artists on both hemispheres. Hence, recent exhibitions have seen photography from Andrew Vowles and Baud Postma sitting alongside ceramics by Monica Tong & Yau Chung, jewellery by Fuqi Zhang, and furniture design by Desmond Lim.

Everything’s available to buy, and there’s an online shop should you want to forgo the pleasure of actually, ugh, visiting this beautiful building. You can get everything from reasonably priced art prints, to side tables, ceramic jars, plates, planters, and more. There’s even some jewellery, too. In fact, there’s enough here to turn your house into a kind of pseudo-gallery should you have the cash.

Arthill Gallery

As part of their drive towards helping emerging artists, they’re also quite keen to actually help them do the emerging – they regularly accept submissions from new creatives, and they have a pair of photography studios inside the church available to hire. There’s even one right at the top of the church, with the building’s beautiful circular stained-glass window providing a pretty unique and stunning backdrop.

Which is a blessing.


NOTE: Arthill Gallery is open now. You can see their current & past exhibitions, as well as browsing their online shop at the website right HERE.


Arthill Gallery | Ground Floor, Lourdes Apartments, North End Road, W14 9NU


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Arthill Gallery

Ground Floor, Lourdes Apartments, North End Road, Fulham, W14 9NU
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