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London Restaurants & Bars Opening Soon

All the money you’ve ever spent in restaurants has just been flushed down the toilet.

In a good way.

And there’s no better place to do it that at one of the hottest, newest, most hype-justifying eateries in town. So to help feed your obsession, we’ve put together a rather handy calendar of the best (and only the best) new openings coming up over the coming weeks…


Coal Rooms | Peckham Rye

If you’re bad, Santa gives you coal. But if you’re very, very good, he’ll give you Coal Rooms – a restaurant with an on-site butchery tucked into the former ticket office of the listed Peckham Rye station. It’s the brainchild of chef Sam Bryant (ex-Smokehouse) and the folks behind the Old Spike Roastery, so expect coffee, meat, and sometimes coffee and meat (like the coffee-cured bacon sandwich)…READ MORE
Opening:  19th August
Soft launch: 19th/22nd/23rd August (50% off food) – NUDGE MEMBER EXPERIENCE AVAILABLE SOON

Evans and Peel Pharmacy | Chiswick

Serving up both gin and tonics is the second bar from the team behind the Evans and Peel Detective Agency. This time, it’s trussed up as a 1920’s pharmacy, disguising an American speakeasy out the back accessible only with the correct password. There, they’ll be serving up pharmacy-inspired concoctions, alongside Japanese whiskies and American snacks, including grilled cheese sandwiches that arrive in a cigar box filled with smokeREAD MORE
Opening: 21st August
Soft launch: 30% off the bill 21st – 27th August when you reserve in advance and follow them on facebook and instagram. You can also get 50% off if you visit the Evans & Peel Detective Agency, and ask for the Penicillin prescription from the Detective. NUDGE MEMBER EXPERIENCE ALSO AVAILABLE.

Jacob the Angel | Covent Garden

The siblings behind The Palomar and The Barbary have had a flash of divine inspiration for their next joint, opening an intimate coffee shop in Neal’s Yard. They’ll be serving a daily changing menu for breakfast, lunch and tea, and, while details are currently still up in the clouds somewhere, it’s set to follow traditional café culture, including freshly baked cakes and pastries, sandwiches, seasonal salads and pies…
Opening: Mid-August
Soft launch: None announced

Mildreds | Dalston

Mildreds is sprouting up in East London.

It’ll be the burgeoning veggie empire’s fourth restaurant, and it’s going to open this August. Other than that, details are scant, but you can expect the same internationally inspired vegetarian food taking centre stage, with specific influence from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, set in a cozy, warm and welcoming space… READ MORE
Opening: August
Soft launch? None announced

The Frog WC2 | Covent Garden

The Frog has spawned. Joining its wildly successful first outpost in Spitalfields is The Frog WC2, a more formal version of the urban fine-dining restaurant settling down in Covent Garden. It’s the second in a planned empire of Frogs from critically acclaimed, and ludicrously talented young chef Adam Handling – so you’d better hop to it. READ MORE
Opening: 1st September
Soft Launch? Not yet announced

Mam | Notting Hill

Would you like to hear about a new Vietnamese place opening in Notting Hill next month?

Pho sho?

Then hear ye, hear ye, because Colin Tu, the mastermind behind the restaurants Salvation in Noodles, is launching a new Vietnamese BBQ restaurant in Notting Hill this September. Pronounced ‘mum’, the title refers to the technique of fermentation, and will serve up robata-grilled skewers with fermented sauce, pho, and plenty of cocktails to boot…READ MORE
Opening: 6th September
Soft launch? None announced

Southam Street | Notting Hill

They started off with the garage, and now they’ve got the full three-storey shebang on top… down the road at no. 36. Behold Southam Street, the follow-up to the critically swoonworthy 108 Garage, set in the cosy environs of a former Victorian pub – and inside, they’re parking a raw bar and grill restaurant, sake room and a champagne bar… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch? None announced

Gul and Sepoy | Spitalfields

Gunpowder has really blown up.

Because in the three years since culinary couple Harneet & Devina Baweja first opened the acclaimed Spitalfields restaurant, they’ve gone on to open the equally barnstorming Madame D‘s, and now, Gul and Sepoy.

Taking inspiration from the length and breadth of India, it’s set to combine the rich flavours of Raj palace feasts with the rustic cuisine of the soldiers (sepoy) in colonial south-west India… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch? None announced

Flavour Bastard | Soho

Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet?

Probably not if you called them “flavour bastards”.

So we can only hope that this new Soho restaurant really does deliver some sweet-smelling food, because that name can guarantee publicity (bazinga!) but not punters. In fairness, the name isn’t all gimmick, it’s also referring to the “cuisine agnostic” approach they’re taking to the menu, unwed to any particular culinary style or tradition… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch? None announced

Little Duck – The Picklery | Dalston

Raw Duck want to open a little sister venue. They took the idea, brined it, let it ferment, and finally unveiled it: a picklery. This new Dalston-based venture will focus on the art of brining. There’ll be pickles, ferments, and drinking vinegars, and there’ll be a shop on site for you to buy everything by the gram or the jar…READ MORE
Opening: Mid-September
Soft launch? None announced

Breddos Kingly Street | Carnaby

You can never have just one taco. And you can never have just one stunningly good taco joint, as apparently the folks behind Breddos in Clerkenwell have discovered… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch? Likely, but not yet announced

Rambla | Soho

Victor Garvey’s going on a little Rambla.

It’s a journey that started with his work at Bravas Tapas, led to his first solo opening at Encant, and, via a recently-opened traditional wine and tapas bar just a few doors down, has now led to his second venture, Rambla – a much larger restaurant serving up Catalonian cuisine with a twist in Soho… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch: None announced

Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden | Covent Garden

Working in orchards can be tough. They’ll really teach you to grow a pear. And no other plant proliferator works harder than Petersham Nurseries, the Italian-owned bohemian hideaway dressed up like a secret garden, complete with a café helmed by an ex-Hix Soho head chef.
Opening: September
Soft launch? None announced.

Cub | Hoxton

Super Lyan is about to get a Cub. That is, settling in above the Shoreditch basement bar mixologist supreme Ryan Chetiyawardana is going to open his first actual restaurant, along with chef Doug McMaster (of Brighton restaurant Silo)… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch? None announced

Smoking Goat Shoreditch | Shoreditch

Smoking Goat is hot right now. So it’s no surprise that it’s about to have a kid. Smoking Goat the sequel will be in Shoreditch, and will apparently be a bar first and foremost, with a restaurant attached… READ MORE
Opening: October
Soft launch? Quite possibly, we’ll keep you in the loop

Caravan City | Bank

Caravans tend to be more of a countryside thing.

But planting itself firmly in the City, is the next branch of all-day eatery and caffeinators, Caravan (after the success of their King’s CrossBankside and Exmouth Market spots). And they’re bringing an entirely new brunch menu, a new set of fermented dishes, and coffee negronis with them… READ MORE
Opening: October
Soft launch? None announced

Hoppers | Marylebone

Hoppers are about to put a second leg firmly on the ground.

That is to say, they’re going to open a second venue – a larger, more expansive, two floor followup to their Soho Sri Lankan blockbuster. This one will be in Marylebone (St Christopher’s Place, if you can believe it), and will make the very un-Soho-esque move of taking reservations… READ MORE
Opening: Autumn
Soft launch? None announced

Sabor | Mayfair

Spanish restaurants.

They’re a great way tapas the time.

Especially if that Spanish restaurant happens to be the brainchild of an ex-Barrafina chef and their former general manager, Nieves Barragan Mohacho and José Etura.

Which, coincidentally, Sabor is… READ MORE
Opening: Autumn
Soft launch? None announced

Indian Accent | Mayfair

London is about to get an Indian Accent.

It’s in the form of the third branch of the eponymous restaurant from critically venerated chef Manish Mehrotra, joining its cousins in New Delhi and New York – where it’s been voted a World Top 50 Best Restaurant in India, and a Zagat runner up for Best Restaurant in New York…READ MORE
Opening: Autumn
Soft launch? None announced

Londrino | Southwark


At first glance, the following sentence might not seem like a big deal.

Leandro Carreira is opening his first restaurant.

But trust us when we say it is. Because Leandro Carreira first trained up at Mugaritz in Spain (where he helped get it to No.9 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, winner of 2 Michelin Stars, etc.), then became head chef at Viajante, and finally stunned diners at Lyle’s… READ MORE
Opening: November
Soft launch? None announced

Mare Street Market | Hackney

Nuno Mendes is having a bit of a Mare.

That is to say the man who brought us the aforementioned Michelin-starred Viajante and Taberna do Mercado, and currently mans the kitchens over at The Chiltern Firehouse, is getting a whole new restaurant this winter, by the name of Mare St. Market… READ MORE
Opening: Winter 2017
Soft launch? None announced

Bob Bob Exchange The City

Bob Bob Ricard may already be named twice, but now it’s literally developing a twin. Its follow-up will be called Bob Bob Exchange, and you’ll be able to find it on the third floor of the giant Cheesegrater Building from mid-April. And because the owners aren’t entirely stupid, they’re leaving the details that made the first venue so likeable: Press for Champagne buttons are still going to be there, and all the seating will be in booths. READ MORE.
Opening: 15th January, 2018
Soft launch? Are you kidding?


Want to read about somewhere that’s actually open, like, now? Check out our Recent Openings.

Image: Gul and Sepoy

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