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London Restaurants & Bars Opening Soon

All the money you’ve ever spent in restaurants has just been flushed down the toilet.

In a good way.

And there’s no better place to do it that at one of the hottest, newest, most hype-justifying eateries in town. So to help feed your obsession, we’ve put together a rather handy calendar of the best (and only the best) new openings coming up over the coming weeks…

Darjeeling Express | Carnaby

Darjeeling Express.

It is your cup of tea.

And it’s coming to Carnaby this spring.

After building up a small library of great reviews for her supperclub, the self-taught chef behind the DE has decided to open a permanent site in Kingly Court…READ MORE
Opening: 27th June
Soft launch? None announced

Coupette | Bethnal Green

Coupettes are generally very small, dainty glasses, used for desserts, aperitifs, or prawn cocktails. But somehow, this one can also hold a ream of cocktails, a wine cellar, a Champagne collection, a smorgasbord of French regional cuisine and a Full French Breakfast… READ MORE
Opening: Late June
Soft Launch? None announced

Salt + Pickle | Crystal Palace

Salt + Pickle.

It’s kind of a big dill.

You’ll find it in Crystal Palace this spring, where it’s going to be serving up all manner of deliciously pickled, cured and preserved foods in a modern, deli-style space…READ MORE
Opening: Late June
Soft launch? None announced

Meraki | Fitzrovia

‘Meraki’ is a Greek term referring to the love and soul that someone puts into their work. Which, according to Google Translate literally means ‘taste’. Either way, it sounds like a good name for a restaurant. Especially a Greek one in Fitzrovia. So it’s a good thing that the people behind Roka, Zuma, and The Arts Club are going to open one. READ MORE
Opening: Late June
NOTE: Reservations now possible HERE

The Ugly Dumplings | Carnaby

The Ugly Dumplings has grown up, and blossomed into a beautiful permanent restaurant.

Or at least, it will. Trust us.

Because after running the popup circuit for years now, the Anglo-Chinese restaurant have finally made the step to securing a brick-and-mortar site… READ MORE
Opening: Late June
Soft launch? None announced

CHIK’N | Baker Street

Carl Clarke must be enjoying life.

Because the new joint in his burgeoning fried chicken empire is going to be distinctly less sour.

That is to say his offshoot of Chick ‘n’ Sours is simply going to be called Chick’n, and it will be a pared-down, fast-casual version of the restaurants with a focus on fried chicken sandwiches and all-day breakfasts…READ MORE
Opening: June
Soft launch? None announced

Humble Grape Islington | Islington

It’s getting more and more difficult for Humble Grape to live up to their name.

After all, they started life with a simple, but excellently executed wine bar in Battersea. Modesty became more difficult with the launch of their cavernously large, gorgeous sophomore joint in Fleet Street. And now, they’re going to have to play it extremely bashful thanks to the third instalment in their wine-empire: Humble Grape Islington… READ MORE
Opening: 6th July
Soft launch? Nudge Member exclusive preview night HERE

Tom Simmons Tower Bridge | Tower Bridge

After starring in MasterChef The Professionals, winning 2 AA Rosettes, and working with Tom Aikens & Mark Sargeant, Tom Simmons is opening a British/French restaurant with a heavy emphasis on Welsh heritage for both ingredients and recipes… READ MORE
Opening: Early July
Soft launch? There will be a discounted Nudge Member preview…

Magpie | Mayfair

According to superstition, seeing one magpie is a sign of sorrow. Whoever came up with that obviously didn’t have the clairvoyant foresight to realise that there’s one Magpie which is about to bring unspeakable amounts of joy. It’s the next venture from the duo behind Michelin-starred Hackney bistro, Pidgin – and this time they’re offering a British take on dim sum washed down with a slick of on-point cocktails, in a more central location just off Regent Street. READ MORE
Opening: 11th July
Soft launch? None announced

Ikoyi | St James 

Ikoyi is an affluent neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria that is often referred to as “Africa’s most valuable real estate”. And St James is an affluent neighbourhood in London, England that is often referred to as “insanely expensive”. So, it’s quite appropriate that the two should finally come together with a new restaurant. READ MORE
Opening: 15th July
Soft launch? None announced

Long Arm Pub & Brewery | Old Street

The Long Arm Brewing Co. are reaching out.

In fact, they’re stretching all the way over to Shoreditch, where they’re setting up a pub and microbrewery to accompany their main brewery site in Ealing – and considering they’re serving pints straight from the brewing tank, it promises to be a bit of a gamechanger… READ MORE
Opening: July
Soft launch? None announced

Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden | Covent Garden

Working in orchards can be tough. They’ll really teach you to grow a pear. And no other plant proliferator works harder than Petersham Nurseries, the Italian-owned bohemian hideaway dressed up like a secret garden, complete with a café helmed by an ex-Hix Soho head chef.
Opening: July
Soft launch? None announced.

Core By Clare Smyth | Notting Hill

It almost seems strange to realise that Clare Smyth – Chef Patron at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, and the first female British chef to hold and retain three Michelin stars – doesn’t have her own restaurant. Not yet, at least. Because come July, she’ll be the proud owner of her own buzzing Notting Hill eatery, Core by Clare Smyth. READ MORE
Opening: July
Soft launch? None announced

The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen | Covent Garden

The Oystermen. Thankfully, they’re more than mere TFL ticket inspectors. They are in fact a pair of friends who shucked oysters together for a friends wedding, and found out that a) they were surprisingly good at it, and b) people absolutely loved it. So, they’ve decided to bring that joy to the masses with their new Covent Garden restaurant. READ MORE
Opening: Summer 2017
Soft launch? None announced

Little Duck – The Picklery | Dalston

Raw Duck want to open a little sister venue. They took the idea, brined it, let it ferment, and finally unveiled it: a picklery. This new Dalston-based venture will focus on the art of brining. There’ll be pickles, ferments, and drinking vinegars, and there’ll be a shop on site for you to buy everything by the gram or the jar.
Opening: Summer
Soft launch? None announced

Bob Bob Exchange The City

Bob Bob Ricard may already be named twice, but now it’s literally developing a twin. Its follow-up will be called Bob Bob Exchange, and you’ll be able to find it on the third floor of the giant Cheesegrater Building from mid-April. And because the owners aren’t entirely stupid, they’re leaving the details that made the first venue so likeable: Press for Champagne buttons are still going to be there, and all the seating will be in booths. READ MORE.
Opening: Summer
Soft launch? Are you kidding?

The Frog WC2 | Covent Garden

The Frog has spawned. Joining its wildly successful first outpost in Spitalfields is The Frog WC2, a more formal version of the urban fine-dining restaurant settling down in Covent Garden. It’s the second in a planned empire of Frogs from critically acclaimed, and ludicrously talented young chef Adam Handling – so you’d better hop to it. READ MORE
Opening: August
Soft Launch? Not yet announced


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Image: Chick ‘n’ Sours

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