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Latest Openings in London

Latest Openings in London

You’re fantastic.

And while that’s great and all, we couldn’t help but notice that with all the effort that takes, you’re left with very little time to stay completely on top of London’s latest openings.

Which is why we’ve taken the time to assemble this list of only the very best openings of the last few months, so you can continue crushing it. Whatever it is.

You’re welcome.


Parsons | Covent Garden

Outstanding wine-centric Covent Garden restaurant The 10 Cases has decided to open a second spot in pretty much the exact same location. Parsons is planted right across the street, and this time the emphasis is on seafood, with a menu of fresh swimmers like oysters, octopus, crab, squid ink risotto, smoked clams, mussels, langoustines, and more. There’s plenty of whole fish, and – just in case – one meat dish each day. READ MORE
Opened: 6th December

Harry’s Dolce Vita | Knightsbridge

Harry’s Dolce Vita. It’s going to be pretty sweet.

Joining an already spectacular series of eateries from Caprice Holdings (The Ivy, Sexy Fish, J. Sheekey etc.) it’s planning on serving ’50s and ’60s inspired Italian food and drink to Knightsbridge locals all day long… READ MORE
Opened: December 6th

Granary Square Brasserie | Kings Cross

The Ivy Collective are about to open a Brasserie on Granary Square.

They’re calling it Granary Square Brasserie.

The interior will be clothed in their signature style, with a mix of Art Deco (parquet flooring, low brass tables, etc.) and modern touches (bare brick walls, low hung lights, etc.) coming together to project a sense of absurd, Ivy-esque luxury… READ MORE
Opened: December 6th

The Blue Posts | Chinatown

Over a quarter of a millennium after the Blue Posts was founded, the folks behind vaunted restaurants The Palomar and The Barbary have renovated the space, turning it into a three storey palace of food & wine…READ MORE
Opened: December 5th

The Good Egg | Carnaby

The Good Egg.

Paradoxically, one is not un oeuf.

So the people behind Stoke Newington’s finest Jewish deli, brunch spot, bakery, and bar are opening a second spot in Soho’s Kingly Court… READ MORE
Opened: 1st December

Londrino | Southwark

At first glance, the following sentence might not seem like a big deal.

Leandro Carreira is opening his first restaurant.

But trust us when we say it is. Because Leandro Carreira first trained up at Mugaritz in Spain (where he helped get it to No.9 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, winner of 2 Michelin Stars, etc.), then became head chef at Viajante, and finally stunned diners at Lyle’s… READ MORE
Opened: December 1st

Jack Solomons | Soho

A hidden speakeasy in the middle of Soho, Jack Solomons can only be accessed via the entrance of an after-hours deli…  READ MORE
Opened: December 1st

The Drunken Butler | Clerkenwell

Drunken butlers.

They work for tips-y.

And there’s one coming to Clerkenwell this autumn. It’s the first restaurant from chef Yuma Hashemi, who’s worked in kitchens in half a dozen countries, including the US, Sweden, Portugal, France, Germany, and more. He’s taking that international ball and running with it, by making his cuisine French with Korean and Persian influences, as well as adding a penchant for fermentation, smoking, salting, and preserving. READ MORE
Opened: December 1st

Koya City | The City

Soho’s modest, traditional udon den, Koya Bar, is getting a sophomore follow up in the glitzy new Bloomberg Arcade development, rubbing shoulders with Caravan City and a new eatery from Gymkhana. It’ll be a much bigger space (which is good news, as it’s still walk-in only), serving up breakfast udon, seasonal specials, and cocktails created by Tony Conigliaro’s Drink Factory… READ MORE
Opened: 11th December

Little Duck – The Picklery | Dalston

Raw Duck want to open a little sister venue. They took the idea, brined it, let it ferment, and finally unveiled it: a picklery. This new Dalston-based venture will focus on the art of brining. There’ll be pickles, ferments, and drinking vinegars, and there’ll be a shop on site for you to buy everything by the gram or the jar…READ MORE
Opened: 30th November

Yen | Temple

The Padella of noodles has arrived.

It’s called Yen, and it’s boasting fine-dining Japanese… all the way from Paris.

Bringing over the same concept as the St. Germain de Près original, they’ll be skilfully hand-making buckwheat soba noodles twice a day, alongside sushi, tempura, and robata-grilled delights… READ MORE
Opened: November 28th

Duddell’s | London Bridge

Combining art and food is pretty much a fool-proof business plan.

It’s guaranteed to make Monet.

At least, it certainly seems to be working for Duddell’s, the two-Michelin starred Hong Kong restaurant known for hanging art that’s as good as its food (which, by the way, is very very good). Because they’re opening their first global outpost in London Bridge this November…READ MORE
Opened: November 28th

Darcie & May Green | Paddington

The Daisy Green Collection have barged into Paddington.


That is to say, they’ve brought two barges – the Darcie Green, and the May Green – and filled them with all the things that make their classic Australian Brunches so classically delicious… READ MORE
Opened: 27th November

Del 74 Dalston | Dalston

Such is the popularity of Del 74’s raucous blend of tacos, cocktails, and music, that they’ve decided to open another joint. This one will be in Dalston, nearby to their Clapton original, and sporting the same brand of extravagantly kitschy ’70s-led decor. There are, however, a few different things going on with the menu… READ MORE
Opened: 24th November

Passo | Shoreditch

This new Old Street eatery comes to you from the fine team behind Foley’s and Rum Kitchen, with all day Italian dining in both relaxed and relaxing surroundings. Make your way inside, and you’ll be met with neutral plaster and concrete tones, broken up with heavy oak feasting tables, a sleek marble bar, and a sprawling open kitchen proudly boasting a copper-covered pizza oven…READ MORE
Opened: 23rd November

Bombay Bustle | Mayfair

Jamavar has just been awarded its first Michelin star. So it’s pretty exciting news that co-founder Samyukta Nair and head chef Rohit Ghai are teaming up again on another Indian spot, a mere stone’s throw away. And besides sporting an art deco feel and delicious dishes plucked from across India, it’s also got an entire dessert barREAD MORE
Opened: November 17th

The Prince | Earl’s Court

London’s Pergolas are practically restaurant royalty these days.

But just to make doubly sure, they’ve launched a new venue called The Prince.

Their third opening after Pergola on the Roof and Pergola Paddington Central, you’ll find it in the now-renovated Prince of Wales pub in Earl’s Court, which they’ve fixed up into a veritable avenue of epicurean indulgence…READ MORE
Opened: 15th November

Hovarda | Chinatown

Placed incongruously in Chinatown, Hovarda is a Greek restaurant from the people behind Yosma. It’s got a restaurant downstairs, and a cocktail bar upstairs, serving mixed drinks like their signature Hovarda, which blends the raki that Yosma does so well with cinnamon, yoghurt, brown sugar, honey, cardamom & espresso…. READ MORE
Opened: 17th November

Wander | Stoke Newington

If you’re wondering what Wander is named for, wonder no more.

You see, it comes to us from Australian chef Alexis Noble, who’s also stopped wandering, after trekking the globe for ten years (living and working everywhere from Sydney to San Francisco, to New York and Rome) looking for inspiration, and finding the perfect spot for her debut restaurant. And that spot is Stoke Newington… READ MORE
Opened: November 8th

La Tagliata | Fitzrovia

Twin grizzlies.

That bear’s repeating.

La Tagliata? That bears repeating too. Which is a good thing, seeing as the esteemed Spitalfields Italian restaurant just got a sister joint in Fitzrovia. The original joint, started by a pair of investment bankers who decided that being investment bankers wasn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be, focuses its menu around the traditional Tuscan beef tagliata (hence the name).
Opened: November 6th

Pastaio | Soho

If you’ve had the cacio e pepe at Stevie Parle’s Palatino, you’ll understand the unadulterated, leg-jittering excitement surrounding the announcement of his new opening: a more laid-back, freshly made pasta restaurant in the middle of Soho, with prosecco slushies… READ MORE
Opened: 30th October

Smoking Goat Shoreditch | Shoreditch

Smoking Goat is hot right now. So it’s no surprise that it’s about to have a kid. Smoking Goat the sequel will be in Shoreditch, and will apparently be a bar first and foremost, with a restaurant attached… READ MORE
Opened: 27th October

Southam Street | Notting Hill

They started off with the garage, and now they’ve got the full three-storey shebang on top… down the road at no. 36. Behold Southam Street, the follow-up to the critically swoonworthy 108 Garage, set in the cosy environs of a former Victorian pub – and inside, they’re parking a raw bar and grill restaurant, sake room and a champagne bar… READ MORE
Opened: 26th October


Caravan City | Bank

Caravans tend to be more of a country thing.

But planting itself firmly in the City, is the next branch of all-day eatery and caffeine pitstop, Caravan (after the success of their King’s CrossBankside and Exmouth Market spots). And they’ve brought an entirely new brunch menu, a new set of fermented dishes, and coffee negronis with them… READ MORE
Opened: 15th October

Breddos Kingly Street | Carnaby

You can never have just one taco. And you can never have just one stunningly good taco joint, as apparently the folks behind Breddos in Clerkenwell have discovered… READ MORE
Opened: 7th October

Rochelle Canteen at the ICA | St. James

Margot Henderson and Melanie Arnold have opened a second Rochelle Canteen. The follow up to their secluded (and decidedly delicious) Shoreditch gem, this branch is much more central, and won’t require you to find a doorbell hidden in a sort of hedge. Instead, it’s made its home in the extremely accessible Institute of Contemporary Arts, in a lofty, skylit space with an indoor garden, overlooking St. James… READ MORE
Opened: 4th October

Rambla | Soho

Victor Garvey’s going on a little Rambla.

It’s a journey that started with his work at Bravas Tapas, led to his first solo opening at Encant, and, via a recently-opened traditional wine and tapas bar just a few doors down, has now led to his second venture, Rambla – a much larger restaurant serving up Catalonian cuisine with a twist in Soho… READ MORE
Opened: 4th October

Gul and Sepoy | Spitalfields

The team behind Gunpowder have opened a new place.

And it’s dynamite.

Because in the three years since culinary couple Harneet & Devina Baweja first opened the acclaimed Spitalfields restaurant, they’ve gone on to open the equally barnstorming Madame D’s, and now, Gul and Sepoy.

Taking inspiration from the length and breadth of India, it combines the rich flavours of Raj palace feasts with the rustic cuisine of the soldiers (sepoy) in colonial south-west India… READ MORE
Opened: 3rd October

Yamagoya | Southwark

These folks make some of the best ramen in Japan.

And now they’d like to shoyu.

Because after a barnstorming residency in Chinatown earlier this year, they’re at last ready to settle down in their first London bricks-and-mortar home in Southwark… READ MORE
Opened: 2nd October


Eve | Covent Garden

What is a palindrome?

No, it isn’t.

But Eve is.

It comes to us from Adam (no coincidence) Handling, the young wünderchef behind The Frog; in fact, you’ll find Eve slung neatly below his Covent Garden flagshipREAD MORE
Opened: 20th September


Serge et Le Phoque | Fitzrovia

A new Michelin-starred restaurant has come to London – and we know what you’re thinking.

What, le Phoque?

And you’d be right – because the Mandrake Hotel in Fitzrovia now boasts the first London outpost of Hong Kong success story (and World 50 Best Restaurant) Serge et Le Phoque… READ MORE
Opened: 15th September

Hoppers | Marylebone

Hoppers have put a second leg firmly on the ground.

That is to say, they’ve just opened a second venue – a larger, more expansive, two floor followup to their Soho Sri Lankan blockbuster. This one will be in Marylebone (St Christopher’s Place, if you can believe it), and will make the very un-Soho-esque move of taking reservations… READ MORE
Opened: 12th September

Ceremony | Tufnell Park

There’s no need to stand on ceremony here.

Mainly because they’ll have plenty of chairs for you, but also because this Tufnell Park restaurant plans to blow all the usual expectations of a vegetarian eatery straight out the water, serving dishes that just happen not to feature meat – oh, and it comes from a former Milk & Honey barkeep, so expect good things from the bar, too…READ MORE
Opened: 12th September

Ichibuns | Chinatown

Robin Leigh wants to give you Ichibuns.

But don’t be alarmed, because that’s merely the name of the latest Japanese ‘luxury fast-food’ spot in Chinatown, from the man behind Nobu. He’s dishing out Hokkaido-inspired wagyu burgers, sushi and ramen – plus takeaway cocktails…READ MORE
Opened: 8th September

Evans and Peel Pharmacy | Chiswick

Serving up both gin and tonics is the second bar from the team behind the Evans and Peel Detective Agency. This time, it’s trussed up as a 1920’s pharmacy, disguising an American speakeasy out the back accessible only with the correct password. There, they’ll be serving up pharmacy-inspired concoctions, alongside Japanese whiskies and American snacks, including grilled cheese sandwiches that arrive in a cigar box filled with smokeREAD MORE
Opened: 21st August



Main image: Granary Square Brasserie

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