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Latest Openings in London

You’re fantastic.

And while that’s great and all, we couldn’t help but notice that with all the effort that takes, you’re left with very little time to stay completely on top of London’s latest openings.

Which is why we’ve taken the time to assemble this list of only the very best openings of the last few months, so you can continue crushing it. Whatever it is.

You’re welcome.

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James Cochran N1 | Islington

There’s a new eatery opening that’s got your name all over it.

That is, if you’re called James Cochran. If you’re called something else, then it doesn’t.

Because after his barnstorming collaboration with BYOC, BYOC feat. James Cochran, and his first solo joint, James Cochran EC3, he’s opening a second restaurant… and it’s called James Cochran N1. Unsurprisingly it’s in N1, and it’ll sport a cocktail bar, a DJ booth, and a menu of British cuisine made with local and foraged ingredients, plus a few dishes harking back to his Caribbean heritage (yes, that jerk chicken will feature)…READ MORE
Opened: 11th August

Sushi Atelier | Fitzrovia

It’s easy to get a raw deal on sushi. So it’s good that this new joint from the team behind Chisou are running a three week soft launch, during which you can tuck into omakase platters of sashimi,  butterfish carpaccio with blowtorched foie gras, and razor clam ceviche with whiskey jelly…READ MORE
Opened: 24th July

Core By Clare Smyth | Notting Hill

It almost seems strange to realise that Clare Smyth – Chef Patron at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, and the first female British chef to hold and retain three Michelin stars – doesn’t have her own restaurant. Not yet, at least. Because soon, she’ll be the proud owner of her own buzzing Notting Hill eatery, Core by Clare Smyth. READ MORE
Opened: 1st August

The Ugly Dumplings | Carnaby

The Ugly Dumplings has grown up, and blossomed into a beautiful permanent restaurant.

Or at least, it will. Trust us.

Because after running the popup circuit for years now, the Anglo-Chinese restaurant have finally made the step to securing a brick-and-mortar site… READ MORE
Opened: 29th July

No. 29 Power Station West | Battersea

Power stations can give rise to a lot of rumours.

And if they’ve taught us anything, it’s that there’s no smoke without fire.

So we can confirm that anything you might have heard about No. 29 Power Station West – a vast, achingly stylish all-day eating and drinking space that’s popped up in the new Battersea Power Station development – is completely true… READ MORE
Opened: 28th July

Suvlaki | Brick Lane

If you’ve long been hoping for a Greek restaurant to open in Shoreditch…

Today’s suvlaki day.

Or at least, the 27th of July will be your Lucky Day. Because Brick Lane’s food offering is diversifying with the arrival of an Athenian food joint on that particular day. A dinky 45-seater designed by the interiors team behind Sketch and Dishoom, it’s a sophomore restaurant to their original Soho spot – still boasting a menu led by suvlaki meat skewers…READ MORE
Opened: 27th July

Parlez | Brockley

Parlez. It’s worth chatting about. Springing up in Brockley this summer, it aims to become one of the neighbourhood’s next best local restaurants… READ MORE
Opened: 26th July

Fancy Crab | Marylebone

Fancy crab? Good, because this place is going to be feeding it to you in buckets. And in tempura, and in salads, and burgers. A slick-looking joint, it’s billed as “A new sexy Red King Crab restaurant in the heart of Wigmore Street”. We’re not sure what makes a Red King Crab sexy, but it’s good to know they’re being picky…
Opened: 26th July

Rola Wala | Spitalfields

Rola Wala may mean ‘man who rolls’, but it’s not going to describe the way you leave the first permanent London instalment of this Indian spot – because every one of their dishes, from Nagaland-loaded naan rolls to beetroot red dal rice bowls, are under 500 calories and boast at least 43 different ingredients…
Opened: 26th July

Magpie | Mayfair

According to superstition, you generally need two magpies for joy. But this Magpie manages it in one – because it’s the next venture from the duo behind Michelin-starred Hackney bistro, Pidgin – and this time they’re offering a British take on dim sum washed down with a slick of on-point cocktails, in a more central location just off Regent Street… READ MORE
Opened: 25th July

TAB x TAB | Westbourne Grove

This is a spot you’ll want to keep tabs on… because it’s a new designer-led coffee spot that’s popped up in Westbourne Grove. It’s sporting coffee from Ozone, as well as small plates and pastries from the kitchen, but the real draw is the rotating range of homewares, artwork and design pieces for sale that are dotted around the space…
Opened: 24th July

Temper City | Moorgate

Temper City.

It sounds like the most violent place on earth.

But as it turns out, it’s going to be one of the most delicious: a sophomore followup to Soho’s Temper, it’ll focus on gin, New World wines and curry cooked over an open fire pit… READ MORE
Opened: 24th July

The Mint Gun Club | Stoke Newington

The Mint Gun Club is a little like a large African elephant.

In that it’s not really either of those things.

It is, however, a stylish new tea-house, cocktail bar and deli in Stoke Newington. It’s the first solo venture from Richard Hunt, who could previously be spotted manning the shakers behind the bars at Milk & Honey and Hawksmoor. Drawing on his travels and experiences from around the globe, it’s a melting-pot of an establishment, serving up cocktails, rare teas and deli-style foods inspired by various different regions… READ MORE
Opened: 21st July

The Wigmore | Marylebone

Described as a social ‘tavern’ for the neighbouring Langham Hotel, The Wigmore’s just your typical local boozer. If typical locals had extravagant green walls, food by Michel Roux Jr. and drinks from the (actual) best bar in the world…READ MORE
Opened: 20th July

Minnow | Clapham

If anyone can come up with a decent pun about this restaurant …let minnow. Otherwise, we’ll just tell you about the plans for this all-day diner in Clapham Common. It comes to us from Chris Frinchot (who literally grew up in a Michelin Starred restaurant/hotel owned by his parents) and his fiancée Saba Tsegaye… READ MORE
Opened: 19th July

Tuyo | London Fields

Tuyo. Or not Tuyo. If that is the question, then the answer is absolutely Tuyo, because it’s a strikingly cool new resto opening on Broadway Market this week. It has an ex-Salt Yard chef at the helm, who’ll be cooking up Mediterranean dishes in a bright, airy space parked right on the edge of the canal. READ MORE
Opened: 17th July

Meraki | Fitzrovia

‘Meraki’ is a Greek term referring to the love and soul that someone puts into their work. Which, according to Google Translate literally means ‘taste’. Either way, it sounds like a good name for a restaurant. Especially a Greek one in Fitzrovia. So it’s a good thing that the people behind Roka, Zuma, and The Arts Club are going to open one. READ MORE
Opened: 17th July

Long Arm Pub & Brewery | Old Street

The Long Arm Brewing Co. are reaching out.

In fact, they’re stretching all the way over to Shoreditch, where they’re setting up a pub and microbrewery to accompany their main brewery site in Ealing – and considering they’re serving pints straight from the brewing tank, it promises to be a bit of a gamechanger… READ MORE
Opened: 12th July

Ikoyi | St. James

Ikoyi is an affluent neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria that is often referred to as “Africa’s most valuable real estate”. And St James is an affluent neighbourhood in London, England that is often referred to as “insanely expensive”. So, it’s quite appropriate that the two should finally come together with a new restaurant. READ MORE
Opened: 8th July

Tom Simmons Tower Bridge | Tower Bridge

After starring in MasterChef The Professionals, winning 2 AA Rosettes, and working with Tom Aikens & Mark Sargeant, Tom Simmons is opening a British/French restaurant with a heavy emphasis on Welsh heritage for both ingredients and recipes… READ MORE
Opening: July 10th

CHIK’N | Baker Street

Carl Clarke must be enjoying life.

Because the new joint in his burgeoning fried chicken empire is going to be distinctly less sour.

That is to say his offshoot of Chick ‘n’ Sours is simply called Chick’n, and it will be a pared-down, fast-casual version of the restaurants with a focus on fried chicken sandwiches and all-day breakfasts…READ MORE
Opened: 6th July

Coupette | Bethnal Green

Coupettes are generally very small, dainty glasses, used for desserts, aperitifs, or prawn cocktails. But somehow, this one can also hold a ream of cocktails, a wine cellar, a Champagne collection, a smorgasbord of French regional cuisine and a Full French Breakfast… READ MORE
Opened: 6th July

Humble Grape Islington | Islington

It’s getting more and more difficult for Humble Grape to live up to their name.

After all, they started life with a simple, but excellently executed wine bar in Battersea. Modesty became more difficult with the launch of their cavernously large, gorgeous sophomore joint in Fleet Street. And now, they’re going to have to play it extremely bashful thanks to the third instalment in their wine-empire: Humble Grape Islington… READ MORE
Opened: 6th July

Ragazzi | Mayfair

It’s hard to believe that Forza Win are five years old this year.

And like most five-year-olds, they’re celebrating the occasion with balloons, streamers, and opening a panini and wine bar right by Bond Street – an enviable, bright and airy whitewashed cafe with window seat nooks, plenty of extravagant foliage and a resolutely retro Italian finish… READ MORE
Opened: Early July

The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen | Covent Garden

The Oystermen. Thankfully, they’re more than mere TFL ticket inspectors. They are in fact a pair of friends who shucked oysters together for a friends wedding, and found out that a) they were surprisingly good at it, and b) people absolutely loved it. So, they’ve decided to bring that joy to the masses with their new Covent Garden restaurant. READ MORE
Opened: 3rd July

Darjeeling Express | Carnaby

Darjeeling Express. It is your cup of tea. And after building up a small library of great reviews for her supperclub, the self-taught chef behind the DE has opened a permanent site in Kingly Court…READ MORE
Opened: 27th June

Dickie’s Bar | Mayfair

Dead rabbits. They’re what happens when you let your hare down. And Richard Corrigan is going to do exactly that when he busses in Gregory Buda – one of the mixologists responsible for making NYC’s Dead Rabbit the best bar in the world (World 50 Best Bars No.1, Best Bar at Tales of the Cocktail, etc.) – to run his new drinkery. READ MORE
Opened: 20th June

Salt + Pickle | Crystal Palace

Salt + Pickle. It’s kind of a big dill. You’ll find it in Crystal Palace, where it’s serving up all manner of deliciously pickled, cured and preserved foods in a modern, deli-style space…READ MORE
Opened: 19th June

Nine Lives | Borough

Finally putting us on level-pegging with the domestic cat, we, the drinking public, now have Nine Lives – a subterranean drinking den on Holyrood Street. It comes to us from the cocktailing maestros behind Sweet&Chill (a specialist drinks agency), and it has a no-waste ethos… READ MORE
Opened: 16th June

Sibarita | Covent Garden


In Spanish, it means a lover of luxury, an epicure, a gourmand.

And in English, it means clear your diary.

Because the eponymous restaurant from Victor Garvey (the chef behind Bravas Tapas and Encant) has just opened in the atmospheric backstreets of Covent Garden, serving up artisanal Spanish cheese, tapas and wines… READ MORE.
Opened: 9th June

Made of Dough | Peckham

Setting up a permanent restaurant is tough these days, unless you’re made of dough. And these guys literally are. And now they’re settling into their first permanent home, after two years of pop ups and serving up in a Pop Brixton shipping container… READ MORE
Opened: 9th June

Calcutta Street | Brixton

Presenting: a new Indian restaurant that’s going to be right up your street.

Particularly if you happen to live in Brixton, because Calcutta Street, the Fitzrovia restaurant from Shrimoyee Chakraborty, has come down south, with a livelier vibe to reflect its Brixton home. The food here sticks to the successful recipe of home-spun Bengali dishes, with street food style side plates and traditional shorbots… READ MORE
Opened: June 8th

Bite Me Burger Co. | Holborn

Bite Me.

It’s the kind of restaurant which requires you to invite your friends with some very careful wording.

But invite you shall: for this is the first pop up incarnation from the Bite Me Burger Co., ahead of opening a permanent joint next year. And wisely, they’ve placed it in the very capable hands of Adam Rawson… READ MORE.
Opened: 8th June

The Chin Chin Club | Soho

Chin, chin good fellow/fellowess. We have some good news. The devilishly clever folks at Chin Chin Labs in Camden (who for those of you in need of a refresher, use liquid nitrogen to make delicious, smooth, crystal-free ice cream before your very eyes) are going to open up an entire ice cream emporium in Soho. They’re calling it The Chin Chin Club. READ MORE
Opened: June 8th

The Ivy City Garden | The City

The Ivy is growing again. And in its first foray into East London, The Ivy City Garden has put down roots by St. Botolph’s Church, behind Liverpool Street Station…READ MORE
Opened: 7th June

XU | Soho

XU comes to us courtesy of the talented trio behind BAO. There, they proved that they could consistently deliver on top-notch Taiwanese cuisine. So this time, they’re going to be serving up more top-notch, Taiwanese cuisine – only here, there’s a more grown-up, old school glamour kind of feel to it. READ MORE
Opened: May

Señor Ceviche | Fitzrovia

Hey, who’s that guy opening up a second Peruvian-Nikkei restaurant with an underground pisco cocktail bar on Fitzrovia’s Charlotte Street? Why, that’s Señor Ceviche. And he didn’t get that name by being bad at making ceviche…READ MORE.
Opened: May

Neo Bistro | Mayfair

Restaurant critics, it seems, are Anglo-philes. That is to say, they love Anglo, the debut restaurant from chef Mark Jarvis. Well, for his follow-up, he’s made sure there’ll be no sophomore slump by enlisting the help of Alex Harper, formerly of the Michelin-starred Harwood Arms… READ MORE
Opened: June




Main image: Core by Clare Smyth

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