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The Best Private Dining London Has To Offer

Seafood restaurants are pretty fail-safe spots for private dining.

You can almost always eat sole.

But sometimes you’re after somewhere a touch more convivial, where you can close the doors, amp up your own soundtrack, and have the run of your own little party nook for the night. And so, whether you’re after the best restaurants for birthday or wedding celebrations, a company knees up or family get-together, we’ve picked out London’s best private dining rooms – from opulent snugs based on imperial train carriages, to 4am banquets 40 floors above London; floating seafood restaurants, to secret gardens where you can feast on dim sum beneath swaying lanterns.



Bob Bob Ricard | Soho

Bob Bob Ricard - private dining london

If the Great Jay Gatsby owned a restaurant and thrust into it all his elegance, panache and charm, it would pale in comparison to Bob Bob Ricard. Then go out of business. And be scorned for trying to compare. The PDR here is styled around an imperial dining car on a train, which you’ll immediately recognise from the velvet blinds on the train-style windows, the cosy, carriage-like dimensions of the room, and the buttons that allow you to summon Champagne.
Seats: 9-16 Set menu? No Minimum spend? £500 lunch, £1000 dinner | Find out more HERE

The Ivy | Covent Garden

The Ivy - private dining London

Ah, The Ivy.

It really grows on you.

And their private dining room is every bit as delectable as the rest of the restaurant, with its characteristic diamond windows, private bar and complimentary flowers for the tables. Plus, being in the heart of Theatreland, they can also provide you with a jazz trio or pianist for the evening, allowing you to bundle round the baby grand and perform what is essentially very classy karaoke by the end of the night.
Seats: Up to 60 | Set menu? Selection available | Minimum spend? From £60pp | Find out more HERE

Gymkhana | Mayfair

Gymkhana private dining room London

Gymkhana’s intimate private dining vaults with arched ceilings, red leather booths and elegant chandeliers allow you to tuck into Michelin-starred Indian fare, from a bespoke menu of your own choosing, personally wine-paired by the restaurant’s own sommelier. And the bar’s open till 1am…
Seats: Up to 10-12 | Set menu? Selection available, including your own | Minimum spend? ~£100pp | Find out more HERE

Trishna | Marylebone

Trishna - private dining London

Trishna’s private dining room is a luxurious, wood-panelled cocoon, in which waiters will ply you with Michelin-starred dishes inspired by coastal Indian cuisine, while you bop along to your own soundtrack and look out over the wine cellar beyond. It’s basically a way, way better version of the sort of classy dinner party you could hold at home.
Seats: 12 | Set menu? 5 and 7-course tasting menus, à la carte and bespoke | Minimum spend? £750 | Find out more HERE

Daphne’s | South Kensington

Daphnes - private dining London

Daphne’s is a year-round showstopper. In summer, the retractable roof is drawn back and sun floods into the airy, mirrored dining room; while in winter, stars twinkle through the glass roof, candles twinkle on tables, and the imposing marble fireplace does a bit more than twinkle at the head of the table, as you tuck into their sumptuous Italian fare.
Seats: 26 – 40 | Set menu? Yes, from £44pp | Minimum spend? From £1500 (lunch) and £3000 (dinner) | Find out more HERE

104 | Notting Hill

104 Private Dining London

Fancy a really private spot? Notting Hill’s 104 is so petite, it only seats 14 guests full stop. Meaning you can hire out the whole restaurant for your party – or you know, stage an epic proposal that sees the other 12 diners reveal themselves as a full brass band halfway through your date.
Seats: Up to 14 | Set menu? No | Minimum spend? POA Find out more HERE

The Ned | The City

The Ned - private dining London

Set, as it is, in the former Midlands Bank building, the grandiose hotel and restaurant micro-metropolis that is The Ned has no shortage of elegant spaces for hire. There’s private terraces overlooking the city, ballrooms that could be straight out of a period drama, and this – the ludicrously fancy Tapestry Room, with original crystal chandeliers and the largest tapestry of its kind ever made in Britain.
Seats: 26-140 | Set menu? Yes, bespoke | Minimum spend? POA | Find out more HERE

Duck & Waffle | The City

Duck and Waffle - private dining London

Not content with being London’s highest private dining room (being, as it is, on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower), it’s also the only one that can be hired out overnight, meaning you can tuck into that caramelised banana waffle, spicy ox cheek doughnuts and, of course, their signature duck and waffle at 4am.
NOTE: Hawksmoor Borough also has a lovely private dining room – read all about it here.
Seats: 18 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? Min. 9 guests for breakfast, £1000 for lunch, £1500 for dinner, £350 breakfast/late night | Find out more HERE

Hawksmoor | The City

Hawksmoor private dining London

When it comes to big celebrations, Hawksmoor is definitely more. Because their Guildhall branch is home to a sleek, wood-panelled PDR reminiscent of an old gentlemen’s club. If old gentlemen’s clubs offered 7 course ‘beef taster menus’ and private cocktail masterclasses, that is.
Seats: 22 | Set menu? Yes, from £55pp | Minimum spend? Jan-Oct: None for breakfast/lunch, dinner £1200-1500; Nov-Dec breakfast £250, lunch/dinner £1500 | Find out more HERE

Holborn Dining Room | Holborn

Holborn Dining Room Pie Room

A private dining room within the Dining Room, where, by day, head chef and chief pastry whisperer Calum Franklin creates his magnificent, crusted creations… and by night, you eat them, surrounded by unusual Victorian pie-making ephemera, candlelight, and shimmering marble.

Seats? 10 | Set menu? Yes, £70pp | Minimum spend? £70pp | Find out more HERE

Dinner by Heston | Park Lane

Dinner by Heston - private dining London

By far and away the most fantastical room ever conceived, the private room at Heston’s time-travelling eatery takes inspiration from King Arthur’s round table, boasting a, er, round table, grand velvet thrones for each diner, embossed LEATHER WALLS and a chandelier apparently made up of the largest piece of hand-blown glass in Britain. Plus, the set menus offer dishes like spiced pigeon, an 18th century chocolate bar, and everybody’s favourite starter, meat fruit.

Seats: 12 | Set menu? Yes – from £85pp, wine-paired | Minimum spend? None | Find out more HERE

The Masonic Temple | Liverpool Street

Andaz Masonic Temple - private dining London

According to an urban legend, this former masonic temple lay blocked off behind a wall for decades before a construction worker noticed an extra room on the blueprint. Luckily for everyone, it turned out to be a marble-clad, domed-ceilinged, secret Victorian temple, fitted with thrones, candelabras and mysterious carvings. And luckily for you, it makes the perfect venue for a grand, atmospheric banquet. READ MORE
Seats: 44 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £2,200 | Find out more HERE

The Booking Office | King’s Cross

This spot must have the highest proposal success rate of anywhere in the city. It’s totally secluded, framed by what is probably the most beautiful stairwell in London (you’ll recognise it from the Spice Girls’ Wannabe video). You and your guest(s) will be greeted with a Champagne reception, before embarking on a four-course, wine-paired dinner – accompanied by live operatic performances, if you so wish.

Seats: 2-8 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £155pp, live opera +£594 | Find out more HERE


Blanchette | Soho

Blanchette - private dining London

The Jungle Room at glorious French bistro Blanchette boasts a hand-painted tropical mural, a glass-walled wine cellar, a cosy table set next to a cosy leather corner banquette, and flickering candlelight. The menu here comes in the form of their signature sharing plates, including dishes like crispy frogs’ legs, steak tartare with pickled girolles, crab timbale and seared tuna with avocado… Which you may or may not want to actually share.
Seats: 14 | Set menu? Yes, from £35pp | Minimum spend? No | Find out more HERE

Paradise By Way of Kensal Green | Kensal Green

Paradise by way of Kensal Green - private dining London

Paradise was practically built for private parties. Almost every room of the teetering Gothic hideaway can be hired out, from the glass-rooved conservatory with a private bar, and the peeling, candlelit bohemian dining room, to the snug Reading Room packed with Chesterfield sofas and a roaring fire, or the vast music room (which comes with its own stage).
Seats: 10-100 depending on room | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? From £500 – £2500, depending on room and day | Find out more HERE

Beach Blanket Babylon | Notting Hill

Beach Blanket Babylon - private dining London

We’ve put together a list of Notting Hill’s longest-standing quirky Georgian mansions – but only those with decadent French baroque interiors, which have been serving up an eclectic range of cocktails and seasonal fare for at least 20 years.

It’s a small list, which has Beach Blanket Babylon at the top.

And nothing underneath it.

…Except you, should you choose to hire out their underground crypts. Or mirrored ballroom. Or circular, cloistered chapel. All of which make excellent private dining rooms.
Seats: 15 – 70 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? Dependent on room | Find out more HERE

Disappearing Dining Club | Everywhere

Disappearing Dining Club - private dining London

The surprising thing about the Disappearing Dining Club is that you can command them to reappear…

… wherever you want. Because they offer private dinners at a constantly evolving roster of secluded, hidden venues – from East London warehouses to Spitalfields antique shops; Georgian townhouses to er, your own house – and they all come with the signature DDC touch of magic across the dishes and cocktails, whether it’s their characteristic cuisine or a bespoke menu for your party.
Seats? Any number | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? Depends on venue | Find out more HERE

Brunswick House | Pimlico

Brunswick house private dining room London

Brunswick House isn’t just home to Jackson Boxer’s critically acclaimed restaurant. The other floors of this former Georgian mansion are all privately hireable, too – from intimate studies crammed with antiques to the terraces, parlours and vaulted cellars. And yes, they come with Jackson Boxer’s critically acclaimed food.
Seats: 10-110 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £250-£3750 hire fee, plus individual dining costs | Find out more HERE

Cambridge Street Kitchen | Victoria

Cambridge Street Kitchen - private dining London

Allow us to paint you a picture of The Artist Residence hotel in Victoria. It’s a beautiful boutique bolt-hole that’s not only home to ten elegant bedrooms; culinary gem, the Cambridge Street Kitchen and lauded drinking den, the Clarendon Cocktail Cellar; but a set of convivial private clubrooms, too, each of which come with their own barkeeps, as well as a music system, roaring fire and plush armchairs. Of course, if money’s really no object, you can even hire out the whole hotel above – so everyone can indulge in those cocktails without worrying about a drive home.
Seats: 14-38 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £200-£1100 | Find out more HERE

Hanging Garden at My Neighbours the Dumplings | Clapton

My Neighbours The Dumplings - private dining London

My Neighbours The Dumplings is a little family-run restaurant specialising in handmade dumplings (who knew?) that manages to be both quaint and cool. The space itself is Chinese market meets industrial chic: paint chipped walls, colourful Chinese lanterns overhead, and long communal picnic tables for seats. This is carried right out to their ‘hanging garden’ room, draped with lanterns and sporting the perfect intimate vibe for a dinner party.
Seats? From 8-40 | Set menu? Yes, £25pp Minimum spend? £1200 for whole garden (up to 60 standing) or £600 for the upper section (up to 30) | Find out more HERE

The Culpeper | Spitalfields

Culpeper - private dining London

Rooftops are, unequivocally, cool.

Rooftops that you and your friends have the entire run of, including a private bar, a private chef serving up feasting platters, a candlelit dining table within a leafy glass conservatory, and views across Spitalfields and the City are, unequivocally, cooler.

Seats? 10-12 | Set menu? Yes – £35 lunch, £45 dinner (+£35 wine paired) | Minimum spend? No | Find out more HERE

Pig and Butcher | Islington

Pig and Butcher - private dining London

If this wasn’t attached to a fully functioning pub and eatery downstairs, you could just about persuade your friends that this was your very own, homely farmhouse kitchen. You know, if you owned an Aga. And got your meat freshly butchered by a bunch of highly skilled chefs in the basement. And knew how to serve that meat in hefty roasts and sharing platters including treacle-cured salmon. READ MORE

Seats? 16-24 | Set menu? Yes, £45pp | Minimum spend? £1000 | Find out more HERE

London Shell Co. | The High Seas

London Shell Co Private Dining Room

London’s waterways are your oyster…and so’s your dinner. Take a two and a half meandering candle-lit cruise along Regent’s Canal as you tuck into seasonal seafood dishes and sip expertly-paired wines, safe in the knowledge that you’re probably having the best time out of everyone in London right now.

Seats? 40 seated, 80 standing | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £2500 (covers cruise and food) | Find out more HERE

Native | London Bridge

Native Chefs Table

Native is so-called because of its emphasis on local British, wild, and foraged produce. It’s owned & operated by Imogen Davis (who owns Rufus the hawk; slayer of the pigeons at Wimbledon each year) and chef Ivan Tisdall-Downes (whose own CV includes the River Cottage & Blue Hill at Stone Barns). And within the polished space sparsely forested with sapling-like tree branches, there’s a Chef’s Table where you’ll be talked through the menu by the chefs themselves as you eat it… 

Seats? 6-8 | Set menu? Yes – £80 dinner | Minimum spend? £80pp | Find out more by emailing HERE

Darling House | Waterloo

Hello Darling private dining london

The townhouse above Waterloo restaurant Hello Darling is a warren of hand-decorated and beautifully furnished rooms, any of which can be yours for the evening. After entering through a painting on the walls of the restaurant below, you’ll head up to find a mixologist tucked away in a cupboard, private cabaret performances for your party, and a brass doorbell that opens a secret panel hiding a magnum of Champagne.

Seats? ~10 per room, or 60 for the whole place | Set menu? Drinks only, but you can eat downstairs | Minimum spend? None | Find out more here



The Blues Kitchen’s Airstream Caravan | Shoreditch

Blues Kitchen Shoreditch - private dining London

Caravan parties.

Thankfully, they won’t cramp your style. At least, not at the Blues Kitchen Shoreditch, who have planted a 1950s silver airstream right in the middle of their live music club. Here you can kick back with your own personal drinks stash, sharing platters of Texan BBQ ribs and wings, an iPod dock disguised as a vintage TV and a private bathroom – all with the dance-floor a mere stone’s throw away, where they have live blues playing seven days a week.
Seats? Up to 35 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £650 + service | Find out more HERE

Brigadiers | Cannon Street

Brigadiers - private dining London

Brigadiers pull out all the stops when it comes to private dining. Hireable spaces here run the gamut from intimate dining rooms to the whole venue, which variously means you’ll have the run of their whisky vending machine, help-yourself bar, 8ft Texan pool table, sports screens, personal croupiers, and more. And they haven’t forgot the food amidst all this – expect feasting menus of whole suckling pig and Champagne fountains.
Up to 55 | Set menu? Yes, from £35 | Minimum spend? Dependent on room | Find out more HERE

Bunga Bunga l’Osservatorio | Battersea

Bunga Bunga Battersea - private dining London

Bunga Bunga may not be the place for a restrained, sophisticated meal.

It is, however, the place for raucous cocktail and pizza-fuelled brunch and dinner parties in a glass-roofed, neon-lit, first-floor conservatory with a giant karaoke system, hireable entertainment (from circus performers to fake Elvis), and a private bar serving up drinks in Berlusconi-shaped glasses.

Seats? 30 | Set menu? Yes, £42pp | Minimum spend? £2000 | Find out more HERE

Pizza Playground at Pizza Pilgrims | West India Quay

Pizza Pilgrims West India Quay - private dining London

Planted in Pizza Pilgrims‘ basement – alongside a bespoke 16 player foosball table and retro pinball machine – is a curtained-off party pad kitted out with plush Chesterfield sofas, a 65” TV hooked up to a Nintendo Switch loaded up with Mario Kart, plus exceptionally delicious pizza and drinks delivered in take-out boxes straight to your sofa.

Seats? 4-8 in the Nintendo area (but they try to be flexible), or up to 100 for full hire | Set menu? No | Minimum spend? Bookable by the hour, or to rent the full space, minimum spends apply | Find out more HERE

Bread Street Kitchen | Bank

Bread Street Kitchen private dining

Gordon Ramsay has installed a retro-futuristic space pod inside his Bank restaurant. Naturally, he’s calling it… er, Street Lounge. Thankfully, you’ll find something a little more appetising than astronaut food inside – namely cocktails and a sharing platter.
Seats? 2-8 | Set menu? Yes, but additional à la carte available | Minimum spend? £50pp | Find out more HERE

Red Rooster’s Courtyard | Shoreditch

Red Rooster Private Dining London

If you’re after retractable rooves, low-hanging bulbs and the thumbs up from Obama, then Red Rooster is the spot for you. There’s a private dining room tacked onto the restaurant itself, but this semi-al fresco courtyard is the best spot to indulge in Marcus Samuelsson’s Southern soul food, rain or shine. Plus, it has its own private bar.

Seats? 24 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? POA Find out more HERE

Caboose | Shoreditch

Caboose Private Dining

A BYOB private dining room dressed up as an old train caboose, with its own personal kitchen attached. While the chefs cook up a three-course meal before you, you’ll have the run of the cabin, including the sound system – and they’ll even try to decorate for you if you give them a heads up.

Seats? Up to 12 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? £35pp, +£5pp corkage | Find out more HERE



Social Eating House | Soho

Social Eating House - private dining London

Book in here, and your evening will start with cocktails in the top floor speakeasy, The Blind Pig, before you make your way down to the basement for a 9 course taster menu (with dishes like five-spiced partridge, and scallop with smoked avocado) at a hidden ‘Employees Only’ dining counter overlooking the Michelin-starred kitchen. As all the best evenings do.
Seats? Up to 8 | Set menu? Yes, £85pp | Minimum spend? No | Find out more HERE

Barrafina | Covent Garden

Barrafina - private dining London

Yes, you can hire private dining rooms at Barrafina. And yes, it’s tempting to book that room for yourself just to guarantee a table there. But it’s even better if you fill it with all your friends, who can join you in feasting on Michelin Star-level tapas (from your own private open kitchen), perusing the sherry cellars with a traditional aperitif in hand, and popping magnums of Spanish wine in understated, suave surroundings.

NOTE: Barrafina King’s Cross also has a great private dining room (seating 20), with windows overlooking the canals.

Seats? From 12-32 | Set menu? Yes, from £40pp | Minimum spend? From £1000 | Find out more HERE

Kebab Queen | Covent Garden

Kebab Queen private dining London

We know what you’re thinking. Kebabs? Private dining? Huh? But rest assured, that’s only because you’ve never had a seven-course gourmet kebab tasting menu served to you directly by a former Le Gavroche chef, at your very own private chef’s table hidden behind an old kebab storefront underneath another kebab restaurant. Probably.

Seats? 10 | Set menu? Yes, £60pp/£100 with drinks pairing | Minimum spend POA | Find out more HERE

St. Leonard’s | Shoreditch

St Leonards - private dining London

St. Leonard’s is the much-vaunted collaboration between Jackson Boxer and Andrew Clarke, who between them have Salt Yard, The Square, and Brunswick House on their CVs. And between the kitchen and the restaurant, you’ll find their pared-back private dining room, filled with natural light, shelves stacked with logs for the kitchen’s open hearth, and a feast of dishes to share, banquet-style.
Seats: Up to 12 | Set menu? Yes, from £60pp | Minimum spend £500 for lunch, £750 for dinner, VAT & service inc. | Find out more HERE

Quo Vadis | Soho

Quo Vadis - private dining London

Soho’s grande dame had a facelift recently to celebrate her 90 years – a not insignificant part of which involved the creation of the dramatic Blue Room. Unlike the two light and breezy rooms below, members get priority booking here – but if you can time it right, you’ll be rewarded with plush, cobalt velvet banquettes, romantic candlelight, and your very own bar to boot.
Seats: Up to 14 | Set menu? Yes, from £40 (bespoke options available) | Minimum spend POA | Find out more HERE

Coal Rooms | Peckham

Coal Rooms Peckham - private dining London

Taking over a former 1930s ticket hall in the Grade II listed Peckham Station, Coal Rooms is a grill restaurant from the folks behind Old Spike Roastery and former Smokehouse chef, Sam Bryant. And miraculously, they’ve converted the former ladies’ loos into some of the most unexpectedly elegant private dining London has to offer.
Seats? Up to 12 | Set menu? Yes, £35pp | Minimum spend? £10pp deposit to confirm booking | Find out more HERE


Clarette | Marylebone

Clarette - private dining London

Housed in a striking mock tudor building, Clarette is headed by Alexandra Petit-Mentzelopoulos (of the Château Margeaux dynasty) with Aaron Ashmore in the kitchen – which makes it undoubtedly the best place for wine and small plates in a mock tudor building in London. And for private parties, they scale up those plates, give you your own private bar, and house you in a beautiful dining room surrounded by latticed windows…
Seats? Up to 34 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? From £1000 | Find out more HERE

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings | Clerkenwell

Bourne & Hollingsworth - private dining London

Bright, airy and positively verdant, the Garden Room at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings is, for obvious reasons, a very popular brunch spot. But in the evenings, it makes an equally gorgeous dinner spot, as festoon bulbs peep through the leaves and award-winning cocktails appear on the tables.
Seats: 22-35 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? From £900 (greenhouse)/£1500 (Garden Room) | Find out more HERE

Spring | Aldywch

Spring - private dining London

Nestled inside an old 19th Century drawing room at Somerset House which has been off limits to the public for over 150 years, Skye Gyngell’s first restaurant (after an extraordinarily successful stint at Petersham Nurseries) is exactly the place for you if you want a secluded, fairy-lit conservatory filled with critically acclaimed, seasonally inspired dishes. Which, as of now, you do.

Seats? Up to 36 | Set menu? Yes (from £50/bespoke), or à la carte for 12 or less | Minimum spend? £1000 room hire (excluding spend) | Find out more HERE

Boundary | Shoreditch

Boundary - private dining London

There are definitely uglier places for a dinner party than the rooftop of Conran’s Boundary Hotel; a year-round orangery and terrace that’s a suntrap in summer, and a twinkly, firepit-laden retreat in winter. Feasting here is done Mediterranean style, with platters of tapenade crostini giving way to huge bowls of couscous and skewers hot off the barbecue – all washed down with top-shelf cocktails.
Seats: 12-35 | Set menu? Yes, from £45pp | Minimum spend? Dependent on time of year, ~£1500+ | Find out more HERE

Albert’s Club at Beaufort House | Chelsea

Albert's Beaufort House

Albert’s is a members’ club housed on the top three floors of The King’s Road’s strikingly elegant Beaufort House, and strictly speaking it’s only members that are allowed up there. But should fancy impressing a couple of dozen or so fellow diners, you can book your party into their invitingly handsome private dining room, no membership necessary.
Seats: 10-26 | Set menu? Yes | Minimum spend? POA | Find out more HERE

Luca | Clerkenwell

Luca - private dining London

Behold, the three possible locations for your next dinner:
1) Luca’s Pasta Room, styled after a rustic Italian cucina, where the chefs create fresh pasta daily;
2) Luca’s Garden Room, a conservatory overlooking the open kitchen, filled with an abundance of greenery;
3) A less exotic room elsewhere, because you didn’t scroll this far down.
Seats? 8 in the Garden Room, 10 in the Pasta Room | Set menu? Yes, from £55 | Minimum spend? £350 for lunch, £650 for dinner, £300 deposit required | Find out more HERE

Hide | Mayfair

Hide private dining room London

If you want to, er, hide away in Ollie Dabbous’ critically acclaimed, Michelin starred restaurant, there are four private dining rooms in which to do so. The most atmospheric is the Reading Room, with a curving banquette resting on stacks of books, and books and branches whimsically twisting around the entrance.
Seats? 4-20 depending on room | Set menu? Only for largest room, from £115 | Minimum spend? POA, varies by room | Find out more HERE

Bocca di Lupo | Soho

Bocca di Lupo - private dining London

Steven Joyce

In bocca al lupo is the equivalent of break a leg in Italian. But you won’t need any luck here, because the supremely cosy, intimate decor, perfectly chosen wine list and personal chef knocking up your sumptuous Italian fare leaves nothing to chance.
Seats? 12-32 | Set menu? Yes, from £38pp | Minimum spend? £750 for lunch, £1000 for dinner (£1500/£2500 over Christmas period) | Find out more HERE

Xu | Chinatown

Xu - private dining London

Carol Sachs

When it comes to private parties, this place is a Xu in.

Coming to you from the team behind Bao, this Taiwanese restaurant is dripping with 1930s glamour – and the private dining rooms, kitted out with traditional mountain murals, marble chandeliers and mahjong boards, are the perfect private retreat.
Seats? 4-8, or 15 in the main restaurant with use of the rooms | Set menu? Yes. from £45pp | Minimum spend? For 4, £5 a seat (no min. spend); larger groups £75pp (includes food) | Find out more HERE


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