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Best Bars In North London

Best Bars In North London

The Best Bars In North London

Only recently has North London begun to expand its nightlife scene and play host to a number of London’s newest and most critically acclaimed bars.

In lieu of this, we’ve decided to completely ignore newness and critical acclaim and present to you, quite simply, without further ado…

The best bars in North London –

69 Colebrooke Row (The Bar With No Name) | A small, intimate room of 1950s Italian furnishings and top tier cocktails. And yes, this bar has no name; perfect for when you don’t know where to go. | 69 Colebrooke Row, Angel, N1 8AA

Happiness Forgets | High end cocktails. Low rent basement. | Hoxton Square, Hoxton, N1 6NU

Booking Office | A bar and restaurant in what was once the ticket hall of old St Pancras station. Booking Office has a 29m long bar, over which it serves a variety of Victorian Era punches and cocktails. | Euston Rd, St Pancras, NW1 2AR

The Four Sisters | There’s a free for all acrobatics hoop at the bar. Have fun. | 25 Canonbury Ln, Islington, N1 2AS

Original Sin Bar - best bars in north london

Original Sin | As well as looking like the broody basement bar of a lower NYC whisky refinery, Original Sin is also one of the rare gems which exist to provide you with only one thing: fun. | 129 Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington, N16 0PH


BYOC Camden | Know what you deserve – a break from the modern world; from the 21st Century. And while we’re at it, you deserve a break from having to pay for cocktails, too. | Camden High St, Camden, NW1 0JH

Shaker & Co | As the humble cocktail originated in New Orleans’ French Quarter, this bar was designed around, um, a stag’s head. | Hampstead Rd, Regents Park, NW1 3EE


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Best Bars In North London

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