Jason Allen 23/11/17

Farang’s Seb Holmes Shares His Favourite London Spots

We asked Farang’s founder & head chef Seb Holmes where he likes to dine, drink, and while away the hours in London…

Favourite date spot?

The Clove Club

Favourite brunch spot?

Frank’s Canteen, Blackstock road (conveniently close to the restaurant for those hungover days)

Favourite Sunday lunch spot?

The White Horse pub in Brixton

Favourite cocktail bar?

Opium in Chinatown

Som Saa, as recommended by Seb Holmes

Favourite place for a casual dinner?

Som Saa

Favourite restaurant abroad?

Nham in Bangkok 

London-based guilty pleasure?

Buttermilk fried chicken Bao from Bao– I could eat those things all day.

Desert Island Dish?

Fresh mussels, cream garlic and white wine and you can leave me on that island for ever.


We assume that Seb Holmes was just being polite… and didn’t want to say that his actual favourite restaurant is Farang.