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Neil Frame 16/12/22

Join Our London Marathon 2023 Team!

Run The London Marathon ’23 | Raise Money For The London Community Foundation

You may already know this, but we rather like London.

Amazing restaurants, bars, supper clubs and parties. Wonderful theatre, museums, galleries and concerts. Beautiful parks, iconic buildings and huge sporting events that attract a global audience. Like Wimbledon, and The London Marathon...

But regrettably it’s also a city of extreme inequality, with almost 30% of Londoners living in poverty while support from the state has continued to dwindle throughout a decade of austerity, a global pandemic, rising energy costs and now a very real, and painful, cost of living crisis.

Our faith in the Government to protect the most vulnerable in society is currently – perhaps like yours – at a bit of an all time low, and so we recently decided to more proactively support London’s small community charities and projects. They’re the ones often run by local people who have personal experience of the challenges that they’re helping their communities to overcome (whether that be by running a food bank for those in food poverty; giving local children a fun, safe and supportive environment to head to after school; or providing companionship to the elderly and lonely). They’re also the charities and projects that continually struggle to raise funds to support their work (only 4% of total charitable giving goes to micro charities), and for whom the smallest amounts of money can make an outsized difference (as they don’t share the huge overheads that large, well known charities require to operate).

The challenge we faced was how to support a broad range of these hyper local, community-focused London charities in a way that would give us reassurance that any money we donated or raised was being sent to organisations that were truly making a difference; in need of funds; trustworthy, and well run. But we’ve now found an answer in The London Community Foundation (LCF) which was established – alongside 46 other UK Community Foundations – to connect philanthropic people with local causes that matter to them.

Essentially their team of 24 do the hard work of vetting – and providing ongoing support to – the most deserving local charities and community projects in London, on behalf of the individuals (and businesses) that are keen to support them.

To kickstart our support, we’re entering a Nudge Team to run The London Marathon 2023 with the objective of raising funds to support The London Community Foundation’s work. We have up to 10 places available for those of you who would like to join the team, raise money for an amazing cause (we’ve pledged to raise at least £10,000 but hope to exceed that, as a group) and take on what is not only the challenge of a lifetime, but is also an iconic – and extremely special – London experience.

If you’d like to join the team, please apply HERE by Monday, 19th December.

We’d like to confirm & notify all runners ASAP so that everyone has sufficient time to train for the big day – so if you’re keen please don’t delay!

Also Note: If you wouldn’t like to run, but would like to support The London Community Foundation’s work then it’d be amazing if you could either sponsor one of our runners (whom we’ll confirm next week) or donate to The LCF’s Together For London appeal, which is raising money for those hardest hit by the current cost of living crisis.


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