Jason Allen 17/01/18

Lahpet’s Zaw Mahesh Shares His Favourite London Spots

We asked Lahpet’s co-founder & head chef Zaw Mahesh where he likes to dine, drink, and while away the hours in London…

Favourite date spot?

The cinema after a meal

Favourite brunch spot?

The Gate House, Highgate

Favourite Sunday lunch spot?


Favourite cocktail bar?

Heliot at The Hippodrome Casino


Favourite place for a casual dinner?


Favourite restaurant abroad?

Bistrot De Venise, in Venice

London-based guilty pleasure?

Mc Donalds Apple Pie!

Desert Island Dish?

Mohinga Fish Chowder

(NOTE: This is a traditional Burmese dish, considered by many to be the national dish of Myanmar.)


We assume that Zaw was just being polite… and didn’t’ want to say that his actual favourite restaurant is Lahpet.