Jason Allen 10/01/20

The London Restaurant Bible

In the beginning…

there was nothing.

And then The Lord said “Let there be a London Restaurant Bible from The Nudge that shall guide the worthy to the 50 very best places to eat in London.”

“And let it be divided up into old and new categories, each of which shall include 25 restaurants and both of which shall be constantly updated by my friends at The Nudge, such that it may represent only the most current and finely honed recommendations known to man. And let it make all other guides to the best restaurants in London look like the emissions of a horse.”

And lo, it was so.

And lo, it was good.

And lo, here it is –

New Testament Places To Eat in London

Verily, the greatest places to eat in London that have opened merely within the past five years…


The Old Testament - places to eat in London

And yea, an almighty collation of the best restaurants in London that have graced the soils of this great land for more than five years.


Main image: Aquavit

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