London Restaurants & Bars Opening Soon


London Restaurants & Bars Opening Soon

The good news: Some of London’s top restaurants have finally reopened their doors.

The other good news: Some are opening their doors for the very first time – because, in spite of everything this past year’s had to throw at them, London’s chefs and restaurateurs are doing everything they can to bring the city back to life and open the restaurants they’ve been planning for years.

From the highly anticipated openings that had to be postponed, to brand new announcements – here are the best new restaurants set to open in London over the next few months…


Sunday in Brooklyn | Notting Hill

Sunday In Brooklyn

If ‘Sunday in Brooklyn’ sounds like a phrase that was scientifically designed to evoke the notion of brunch, then that’s no coincidence. Because Sunday in Brooklyn happens to be the New York borough’s finest & most popular brunch spots. And now, it’s coming to London… READ MORE
Opening: 22nd July
Soft launch? None announced.

Kudu Grill | Peckham

The Kudu Collective currently has there venues: Kudu (the restaurant), Smokey Kudu (the cocktail bar), and Curious Kudu (the private diner), and they’re all within ten yards of each other next to Queens Road Peckham station. So it’s something of a shock to learn that the 4th member of the Kudu clan will be a MASSIVE one kilometre away in Nunhead. READ MORE
Opening: 28th July
Soft launch? None announced.

Pizzeria Mozza | Marylebone

Pizzeria Mozza

Nancy Silverton is the reason you eat sourdough. It was her pioneering LaBrea Bakery that first popularised it back in the ’90s, and since then she’s become a legend in her own lifetime, opening restaurants, starring in Chef’s Table, and winning more awards than we can list. It almost goes without saying that she has a Michelin Star. And now, at long last, she’s opening a restaurant in London… READ MORE
Opening: Mid-July
Soft launch? None announced.

Sucre | Soho

Ever since it opened in Buenos Aires back in 2001, Sucre has wandered in and out of the World’s 50 Best Latin American list, pocketing dozens of other accolades along the way. And now finally, it’s wandering in our direction… READ MORE
Opening: Late July
Soft launch? None announced.

The Sea, The Sea, Hackney | Hackney

The Sea, The Sea Hackney

The Sea, The Sea is about to repeat itself. The vaunted restaurant-slash-fishmonger in Chelsea has decided to open a second venue in Hackney this July, right next to Regent’s Canal. And by the looks of things, it’ll be quite a unique space… READ MORE
Opening: Late July
Soft launch? None announced.

The Seafood Bar | Soho

It’s a family-owned operation from Amsterdam, where they already have three other joints. Starting out as a fishmongers back in the eighties, Fons de Visscher eventually decided to start cooking his briny haul back in 2012 and opened a restaurant, roping in his kids to help. It worked out well it seems, because now they’re opening a spot on Dean Street… READ MORE
Opening: Summer
Soft launch? Possible. Watch this space.

Bar La Rampa | Fitzrovia

Bar La Rampla

Opening this summer, Bar La Rampa aims to recreate the atmosphere of 1950s Havana thorough authentic cocktails, live music, and food. Only without the undercurrent of revolution against an unjust capitalist system. READ MORE
Opening: Summer
Soft launch? None announced.

Skylight Peckham| Peckham 

Skylight Peckham

Coming to us from the team at the original Skylight in Wapping, this Peckham venue will boast enough space for 250 vertigo-immune punters, across both indoor and outdoor spaces… READ MORE
Opening: August 19th
Soft launch? None announced.

Trattiria Brutto | Clerkenwell

Now, after a whirlwind decade in which Russell Norman has opened literally dozens of restaurants, and subsequently left the Polpo Group (which he started) to strike out on his own once again, he’s doing the striking with Trattoria Brutto… READ MORE
Opening: August
Soft launch? None announced.

Isola by San Carlo | Marylebone

Isola by San Carlo

Selfridges is about to become the filling in a delicious Italian restaurant sandwich. Playing the part of the top slice up on the department store’s roof, you’ll currently find Alto by San Carlo, a lush, trellis-covered Italian retreat. And soon, the bottom slice will be arriving at the foot of the shop (well, a few yards away in St Christopher’s Place) in the form of Isola by San Carlo, a similarly lavish eatery inspired by the Islands of Italy… READ MORE
Opening: August
Soft launch? None announced.


Aspen & Meursault | Battersea

Bar Aspen is laying down roots. For those who didn’t get a chance to go, Aspen was a fantastic little pop up wine speakeasy. Yes, ‘pop up wine speakeasy’ weren’t words we’d naturally sling together, but the man behind Diogenes the Dog, the excellently named Sunny Hodge, made it work. And now it’s going permanent… READ MORE
Opening: August
Soft launch? None announced.

Soma | Soho


Soma comes to us from the two gents behind Kricket, Rik Campbell & Will Bowlby. They’ll be taking over the spot right next to their Soho restaurant, and the plans are looking quite impressive… READ MORE
Opening: September
Soft launch? None announced.

Cavita | Marylebone

Adriana Cavita was born & raised in Mexico City, and has spent the last decade & a half honing her craft at some of the best restaurants on earth, including El Bulli (three Michelin Stars), Pujol (currently 12th on the World’s 50 Best list), and Aska (two Michelin Stars). This will be her first solo outing, and it’s going to capture both her incredible cooking skill, and her rich culinary heritage… READ MORE
Opening: November
Soft launch? None announced.

Hawksmoor Canary Wharf

Hawksmoor Canary Wharf

Hawksmoor’s never been a place to go for ground beef. And now, they’re one-upping that by opening a floating restaurant. It’s going to be in Canary Wharf – or rather, it’s going to be in the water next to the docks at Wood Wharf. And it’s going to be huge.. READ MORE
Opening: Winter
Soft launch? Likely, but TBC

Blacklock Covent Garden | Covent Garden

Blacklock Soho - best restaurants in central London

If the third time’s a charm, then the fourth should be a breeze – at least it will be for Blacklock, the chophouse titans who are planning to open a fourth branch. You’ll find it on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden, and it promises to be just as noteworthy as its predecessors… READ MORE
Opening: TBC
Soft launch? None yet announced

Chyna | Canary Wharf

Hakkasan. Yauatcha. Park Chinois.

When Alan Yau announces a new restaurant, people tend to pay attention.

And, well, he’s announced a new restaurant. A big one. Called Chyna, he’s billing it as a “Chinese River Cafe”, and it’ll sit in the huge Wardian development in Canary Wharf where it’ll overlook the South Dock. There’ll be enough room for 120 diners, and there’ll be a nice waterside terrace too… READ MORE
Opening: TBC
Soft launch? None announced

Yau Grilling | Canary Wharf

…and what’s that next door, you ask? Oh, that’s just Alan’s other spot that he’s opening. At the same time. No biggie. It’ll be a 45-seater focused on Japanese grill dishes, with a dedicated oyster bar thrown in for good measure… READ MORE
Opening: TBC
Soft launch? None announced

Sessions Arts Club | Clerkenwell

Opening a restaurant inside a former courthouse is a solid idea.

For one thing, it makes it much easier to order, order.

And for another, it makes for a stunningly atmospheric setting – as the multi-talented creative team behind Sessions Arts Club is about to prove… READ MORE
Opening: TBC
Soft launch? None yet announced

Manzi’s | Soho

It seems like anyone who lived in London between the 1950s and early noughties has a story about Manzi’s.

Just off Leicester Square, it was a two-storey seafood restaurant run by the kind of rumbustious Italian family you see in movies. In the midst of red gingham tablecloths and plastic loaves hanging from the ceiling, first dates, children’s birthdays, and silver wedding anniversaries were celebrated over curried halibut and Manzi’s renowned strawberry flan – and now the restaurant kings behind The Wolseley and The Delaunay are hoping to revive it. READ MORE
Opening: TBC
Soft launch? None announced

Claro | Soho

If you’re going to choose a name for a new Modern Portuguese joint in Soho, the choice is clear…

…a word which in Portuguese translates as ‘claro’.

It comes to us from Leandro Carreira (Executive Chef, formerly of Londrino) and Alex Hunter (founder) of the critically-lavished seafood restaurant The Sea The SeaREAD MORE
Opening: TBC
Soft launch? None announced

Last updated: 14th July 2021

Main image: Sunday In Brooklyn

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