Jason Allen 11/12/17

Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie of Som Saa Share Their Favourite London Spots

We asked Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie, co-head chefs of Som Saa where they like to dine, drink, and while away the hours in London…

Favourite date spot?

A: P Franco

M: Petersham Nurseries

Favourite brunch spot?

A: Black Axe Mangal

M: Towpath Cafe

Favourite Sunday lunch spot?

A: My kitchen table at home

M: The Eagle

Favourite cocktail bar?

M: I prefer a pub

Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie share their favourite spots

Favourite place for a casual dinner?

A: 40 Maltby St

M: Tonkotsu

Favourite restaurant abroad?

A: Bolan, Bangkok

M: Igni, Geelong

London-based guilty pleasure?

A: Fried chicken

M: Cheap Chinese takeaway

Desert Island Dish?

A: Crab and mayonnaise

M: The duck massaman at Nahm, Bangkok


We assume that the guys were just being polite… and didn’t want to say that their actual favourite restaurant is Som Saa.