The Best Office Christmas Party Ideas In London

The Best Office Christmas Party Ideas In London

The Best Office Christmas Party Ideas in London | 2019

Last Updated: 10th October 2019 | Main Image: Flight Club

Office Christmas parties.

They’re more than just an elaborate trap set by the HR department.

In fact, when done right, they can actually be amazingly fun for all involved. Even accounting! With that in mind, here are the best places in our fair & festive capital to hold your office Christmas do this year:

Queens: Skate Dine Bowl | Queensway

Queen's Skate Dine Bowl - office christmas parties

Yes, Queens have made this year’s Christmas logo a biker skeleton Santa smoking a pipe. And yes, they claim to “love the C word” (Christmas). But they’ve also thrown in ice skating, curling, private bowling lanes, a retro arcade and a rink-side bar (with MEATliquor food), so frankly they can get away with it.
Potential Embarrassment Factor: Through the roof.

London Shuffle Club | Shoreditch

London Shuffle club office Christmas party

Hot cocktails from a vintage airstream? Tick. Pizzas fresh from a wood-fired oven? Tick. DJs? Tick. Apparently very simple but in reality a devilishly tricksy competitive team game based on Henry VIIIth’s favourite sport? Tick. The London Shuffle Club have thought of everything… including six indoor lanes for the chillier times of the year, and s’more roasting firepits on their now-covered outdoor terrace.
Numbers: Up to 310
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 5/10

Lucky Voice | Soho, Islington & Holborn

Lucky Voice - office Christmas party

Karaoke is a legitimate sport. It requires skill, determination, perseverance and finally, alcohol. But it also requires a karaoke bar, like Lucky Voice, where the deal is simple: you pay per person for private rooms, filled with dress up boxes, disco balls and controllable lighting, into which you can take all manner of drinks prepared by the on-site cocktail bar.
Numbers: 4-30 per room
Potential Embarrassment Factor: Literally guaranteed

Bounce | Holborn/Old Street

Bounce - office Christmas party

Set over 12,000 square feet of a low-lit, neon-painted space in Holborn (and Old Street), Bounce features an impressive 17 ping-pong tables, a 40 foot bar serving seasonally-inspired drinks, a DJ booth and a raised restaurant for overlooking the action. In short, if table tennis was fun before the addition of bottomless cocktails, music and all of your drunken colleagues – which it was – then Bounce has done the nearly impossible, and actually made it better.
Numbers: 6-550
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 7/10

The Grid | Southwark

The Grid pop up bar

You and your colleagues are a group of undercover agents working to take down a dystopian, futuristic AI dictatorship. And you only have cocktails to help you… READ MORE
Numbers: Groups of 8
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 4/10

Curling at Roof East | Stratford

Roof East Christmas office parties

Curling alone would make for a perfect storm of office party competitiveness, but then the people at Roof East have to throw in crazy golf, batting cages, and bowls, too. Expect fireworks.
Numbers: Up to 8 per lane, or book your own area & bar for 20+
Potential Embarrassment Factor: Yes/10

Tropicana Beach Club | Holborn

Tropicana Beach Club christmas parties

If there’s a chance you’ll all be sick of mince pies, fake snow and ring-ting-tingling Christmassy cheer by this point, Tropicana Beach Club provides a very literal oasis, with palm trees, neon and a virtual lagoon dancefloor. And Santa limbo contests.
Numbers: Up to 150
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 6/10

Piano Works | Farringdon, West End

Piano Works

Kick off with a couple of bottles of fizz and a three-course festive feast before singing the house down alongside a live six-piece band taking non-stop requests. READ MORE
Numbers: Book an area, or up to 400 for full venue hire
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 8/10

TT Liquor | Shoreditch

TT Liquor
Image: Justin De Souza

Hidden away at the top of this handsome 19th-Century former police station, you’ll find two bespoke cocktail workshops, where you and your team can choose from one of four cocktail masterclasses: the classic; the molecular; gin; or rum. You’ll each be stationed at your own miniature bar which will be fully kitted out with everything necessary to shake up four different drinks, before entering into an anything-goes cocktail competition for the grand finale. READ MORE
Numbers: 2 – 45
Potential Embarrassment Factor: Depends how you handle your booze…

Candlelight Club | Secret Location

Candlelight Club - quirky things to do in London

A decadent 1920’s-styled soiree, in a secret, candle-lit London location. READ MORE
Numbers: up to 5 for dinner, although the venue holds 230, so beyond that, whatever’s left.
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 6/20

Heist Bank | Paddington

Ordinarily, Heist Bank is your standard, everyday pizza parlour-meets-flower shop. But for parties (Christmas or otherwise) you can enter the games room, with space for 60 peeps to mingle with a vintage karaoke machine, old Nintendos, self-serve beer kegs and a private bar.
Numbers: Up to 90, or whole venue 140 seated/300 standing
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 6/10

Moonshine Saloon | The City

Moonshine Saloon Christmas party

Don cowboy hats, gamble with the saloon regulars and sneak booze in past the head honcho. So just a regular Tuesday, then. READ MORE
Numbers: Up to 50, or full venue hire
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 9/10 (if you go for the accent)

Swingers | The City/Oxford Street

Swingers - office Christmas party

Swingers brings you 18 holes of joyously creative mini golf in a verdant, plant-filled, and beautifully detailed indoor space that’s probably bigger than some actual golf courses (their City spot is 16,000 sq ft). It’s got three restaurants, five (yes, five) bars, festive golf visors, and two courses for you and your teammates to drunkenly stumble over.
Numbers: Up to 600
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 7/10

Skittles at the Freemason’s Arms | Hampstead

Pub skittles is a truly ancient game that’s been a mainstay of the office Christmas party since the 14th Century. And there’s only ONE place in London you can still play it. It’s the Freemason’s Arms, and 20 of you can head in, get dinner, an expert coaching session, and a few pints.
Numbers: Up to 20
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 8/10

Flight Club | Shoreditch, Bloomsbury, Victoria

Flight Club Shoreditch - office Christmas party

In an ideal world, every office Christmas party would involve taking a bunch of coworkers with their standard simmering resentments and unresolved tensions, then giving them a ton of small pointed weapons and alcohol. In other words, pub darts. And Flight Club goes one better, by giving you virtual guides, animated scoreboards, and excellent cocktails.
Numbers: Up to 350
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 6/10

The Bletchley | Chelsea

Bletchley Bar Christmas party

Break codes in exchange for personalised cocktails in a subterranean WWII-themed bar… READ MORE
Numbers? Up to 120
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 6/10

HiddenCity Hunts | Across London

All year long, you’ve been working together to decipher clients’ emails, racing to meet deadlines, and looking at your phone when you should be working. So in many ways, you’re already the perfect team to take on one of HiddenCity‘s text-based scavenger trails around London’s back streets. Their most festive is the Enchanted Mirror, which’ll see you solving cryptic riddles, slipping passwords to strangers, and, crucially, stopping off for liquid refreshment regularly en route.
Numbers? Unlimited
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 4/10

By Appointment Only | Bishopsgate

By Appointment Only - office Christmas party

This cocktail bar is By Appointment Only, a subterranean drinking den set inside a stunning Victorian Bath House, which is – no exaggeration – one of the most beautiful venues in this city. It’s surprisingly roomy, too. They have house-infusion cocktails, sharing platters of food, and a goddamn bathtub filled with Champagne.
Numbers: 30-150
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 2/10

The Great Christmas Feast | Chelsea

Great Christmas Feast

Tucked behind a doorway in Chelsea is Charles Dickens’ study, fully recreated with stacks of books, candles, and Victorian ephemera. You’ll settle in to your table for an immersive retelling of his classic tale, A Christmas Carol – interspersed with live music, a festive four-course feast from temper’s Neil Rankin and Nopi’s David Lagonell, and Dickensian cocktails from – if you so choose – an all-night open bar. READ MORE
Numbers: 20+ gets you a private area, 100+ gets you the whole venue
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 1/10


It’s weird. It’s quirky. It’s got golden pineapples. Christabel’s is the cocktail crack team you book when the boss asks you to organise the party, and casually throws in the line “Something a little different, maybe?”. Your lively host will put together a Christmas Rocktail Party that you’re unlikely to forget. Unless you have too many rocktails.
Numbers: Anything goes
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 7/10

Baranis | Chancery Lane

Baranis office Christmas parties

A basement cocktail bar with a simple menu of traditional French snacks and a sizeable array of the region’s prime anise-flavoured apéritif, pastis. They also have a gravelled indoor pétanque court, where the goal is to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball. Simple. Until you’ve tried pastis.
Numbers: Up to 120
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 5/10

Electric Shuffle | Canary Wharf

Electric Shuffle christmas party

It’s shuffleboard, but given the Flight Club treatment. Opening just in time for Christmas party season, this two-tiered fun palace will house a dozen tabletop lanes kitted out with tech-enhanced games, pizzas delivered to your lane… and a colossal cocktail bar. READ MORE
Numbers: Up to 350
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 2/10

Bierschenke | Tower Hill

Nothing says ‘December party’ like Oktoberfest. Luckily, Bavaria is pretty Christmassy all year round, so it’s no surprise that their (unofficial) embassy in London does a killer end-of-year bash. Every team member will get (at the very least) a pair of beer steins, a round of winter apple schnapps, a pretzel tree for the table and ‘Bavarian Olympics’. And every Saturday, you can expect DJs and live oompah bands, too.
Numbers: 30+
Potential Embarrassment Factor:

All Star Lanes | Shoreditch, Holborn & Westfield

All Star Lanes - office Christmas party

Bowling’s great. Especially when it’s unlimited, and you combine it with an open bar, a photo booth, an authentic American diner serving everything from build-your-own mac ‘n’ cheese to chargrilled prime beef steaks, and private karaoke rooms. Just in case you accidentally on purpose elect to get drunk.
Numbers: Up to 130
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 6/10

Mac & Wild’s Whisky & Hunting Bar | Liverpool Street

Mac & Wild Whisky Bar and Shooting Range

If the last few centuries of landed gentry are anything to go by, nothing bonds people like hunting. And you can do that the ethical way in Mac & Wild’s basement bar, where you’ll find a couple of virtual shooting lanes (with tweed dress-up box, of course) alongside excellent cocktails, award-winning snacks, and Christmas feasts for up to 22 in their private dining room.
Numbers: Up to 80
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 5/10

Red Palace | Waterloo

Red Palace

Join the prince and his fairytale guests for a night of decadence and debauchery within a gothic masquerade ball. Dressed as one of his royal subjects, disguised behind a mask, you’ll drink and dance your way through a ‘living labyrinth’ of rooms filled with dancers, jesters, contortionists, and more. If you want to you can also join the Royal Banquet – a four-course feast cooked up by Masterchef semi-finalist Annie McKenzie, best washed down with copious amounts of wine.
Numbers: On request
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 7/10

Sherlock: The Game Is Now

Sherlock Game Is Now Immersive Adventure

Like any good office, escape rooms provide the perfect blend of harmonious team-work and unleashing deep-running competitive streaks. They don’t, however, generally tend to fit more than four people. Which is why the official Sherlock escape room is an ideal office party spot – they have multiple rooms that can run concurrently, allowing you to finally establish whether marketing beats finance. Also, there’s a huge themed bar (with festive cocktails) at the end to hole up in while you inevitably wait for the other teams to finish. READ MORE
Numbers? Up to 150
Potential Embarrassment Factor: 2/10
Smaller group? See more escape rooms in London

Looking for a private dining room to start things off? Take a look at London’s best.

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