Valentine's Dinner at the Painted Hall, Greenwich


Hattie Lloyd 24/01/23

Your Valentine’s Day Guide 2023

Valentine’s Day in London 2023 | Your Ultimate Guide

February 14th.

It’s the date of the date.

The one where you have licence to be as ludicrously romantic as you want, sweeping your other half off their feet with an evening so astonishingly, heart-thumpingly amorous, you’ll earn their undying affection forever more.*

So behold, our gold-dusted, rose-petal strewn, Champagne-drenched, Cadbury’s Milk Tray of a Valentine’s Day guide, featuring the most romantic restaurants in London, killer cocktail bars, hidden speakeasies, live music dens and, of course, a special Valentine’s edition of London Date Ideas.


40 London Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

An ‘erotic dinner’ on a Central London rooftop; classic cinema in a 1950s ballroom; a glasshouse full of flowers; a concert in a glittering chapel and absinthe tasting in one of London’s most unusual settings… here’s our pick of 40 delightfully unpredictable Valentine’s events going on in London this year.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in London

Romantic Restaurants in London - Valentine's Day London 2023

Sure, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating what a great couple the pair of you make, and how, when it comes down to it all, all you need is each other…

…but it’s also a little bit about Press For Champagne buttons, sky-high views and insanely delicious tasting menus.

Want to up the ante? Book into one of London’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants, or these stunningly fancy restaurants.

The Best London Cocktail Bars

69 Colebrooke Row

London’s most date-worthy cocktail bars, by virtue of having deeply romantic atmospheres, award-winning bartenders, candlelit recesses, or, simply, cocktails that arrive under a smoking cloche.

London’s Best Jazz Bars

Hidden Jazz Club

The best underground bars, nooks and/or crannies for a date night with sax appeal.

Not a jazz fan? See more of The Best Bars with Live Music | The Best Restaurants with Live Music

Hidden Restaurants

La Bodega Negra soho restaurants

Pick the right sex shop in Soho, and you’ll find yourselves in a softly-lit subterranean Mexican restaurant, where the air is laced with incense and the drinks are laced with tequila… or a sex shop.

Follow it up with a nightcap at one of London’s Hidden Bars


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