Jason Allen 09/11/17


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We did a little research.

Turns out that you and Bill Gates have a combined net worth of $89 billion.


That said, we’re aware that this fact doesn’t necessarily mean you have a whole load of spare money or time each month to grow your non-existent investment portfolio. Which is where Wealthsimple comes in.

Wait, come back….

It’s a start up that’s just launched in London, making the murky world of investing accessible to anyone who 1) Doesn’t want to pay the high fees of traditional financial advisers. 2) Does want to grow an investment portfolio (starting with as little as £1), and 3) Wants to get started in just ten minutes — which is how long it takes to start putting your money to work like the world’s greatest investors…

It’s basically like having your own investment adviser, only a less expensive and more technologically advanced one. There are always real people to call, email and ask questions of when you need them, but a lot of the process – like establishing your financial goals, your appetite for risk and calculating the amount that you’re willing and able to invest – has been automated. And while it may be a somewhat unknown entity here — as it’s literally only just launched in the UK — well over 40,000 Canadians and Americans have already set up Wealthsimple portfolios; those clients have trusted the the company with than $1 billion of their money; it’s won a bunch of awards; aaaaand you can try it out with barely any risk at all, because, like we said, the minimum investment required to get going is just £1.

That should get your interest.

NOTE: Wealthsimple is offering Nudge readers their first £10k managed for free for a year (after which they’ll charge you no more than 0.7% of the total value of your portfolio). You can invest from as little as £1 HERE.

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