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Talisa Dean 01/12/19

Where To Work In London As A Freelancer


On the one hand it offers unparalleled freedom, and a deeply gratifying sense of self-determination. On the other hand, your family only need so many logo designs…

Either way, you need somewhere to work. And in response to the eternal quandary of where to work in London as a freelancer, we’ve pulled together a solid list of the best places in London to hammer out some good ol’ caffeine-fuelled work in a comfortable setting with kind staff, delicious beverages and brisk WiFi.

So behold, our guide to where to work in London as a freelancer…



Restaurant, bar, and coffee roastery housed on the ground floor of an old granary.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? Very.
Ideal working hours: 8am – 10.30pm.
Bonus points: it has five sister restaurants (Exmouth Market, The City, Fitzrovia, Bankside and Vardo in Chelsea) that are also happy to host you.

Vagabond N7

A shabby-chic coffee shop, well-versed in the wandering worker. 

Plug sockets: Yes.
Wifi: Yes.
How chilled are the staff? They’re easy-going folk more than happy (and we quote) for freelancers to come and spend their day working to their hearts’ content.
Ideal working hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm.
Bonus points: A leafy garden for the occasional brain power boost.

The British Library

British Library - best museums in London

Over 150 million books. In one building. And you.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? It’s a library, they’re big on quiet people. Beyond that they’re cucumbers.
Ideal working hours: 9.30am  – 8pm.
Bonus points: Inspiration for days, and the perfect atmosphere for focus.



Ziferblat freelancer cafe London

Named after ‘Zifferblatt’, the German/Russian word for ‘clock face’, this freelancer haven charges you for the time you spend in there. The longer you stay, the cheaper the rate – starting at 0.08p a minute for an hour, down to 0.04p a minute if you stay over three hours.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? Your presence pays, even if you’re stingy on coffees and snacks. So they are totally chill.
Ideal working hours: One for night owls – it’s open 2-10pm, daily.
Bonus points: There’s board games and a piano for a little creative breakout sesh.

Ozone Coffee Roasters


A kiwi-owned coffee roasters, shop, and eatery changing the meaning of desk lunch one freelancer at a time. READ MORE

Plug sockets: Yes.
Wifi: Yes.
How chilled are the staff? From what we can tell Ozone in Old Street is split into two parts with the front window seats being the prime freelancer zone. Something tells us the restaurant might be a no-go. Their new branch in Bethnal Green, however, is a more even playing field.
Ideal working hours: 7am – 6pm.
Bonus points: Twenty years of experience (i.e. delicious coffee); an on-site bakery for fresh pastries and cakes; and lunch options including omelette with roast squash, lemon, kale, tahini yoghurt, and fried shallots or beetroot and sesame falafel with hummus, Umbrian lentils, apple, popped grains and chilli mayo.

Granger and Co, Clerkenwell

Bill Granger’s laid-back, antipodean approach to all-day eating. And all-day working from home.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? It’s decidedly a restaurant, not a cafe – so at lunch and dinner times they’re probably going to want you to get either some food or fresh air. However the rest of the time they’re happy for you to hit the laptop.
Ideal working hours: 8am – 12pm, 3pm – 6pm.
Bonus points: Breakfast and lunch options including chilli fried egg and bacon brioche roll with rocket and spiced mango chutney or ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter.

The Castle Cinema

Castle Cinema freelancer work spots

A beautiful art deco café-bar that’s attached to one of Hackney’s loveliest restored cinemas.

Plug sockets: Yes.
Wifi: Yes.
How chilled are the staff? Very chill – they’ve just opened during the day so they’ll be pleased to see you.
Ideal working hours: Open 11am-11pm, but expect things to get busy around film show times.
Bonus points: That lovely restored cinema.

Campus London

Your year-round ticket to pretending you’re smart enough to work for Google.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff?  Of all the places on this list, by far the most. They want you there, and wouldn’t have a job if you weren’t.
Ideal working hours: 9am – 8pm. (Please note, you need to be a member to enter. Membership is free, just don’t forget that part before visiting.)
Bonus points: meeting rooms available (although at a cost), plus workshops, talks and networking programmes for start-ups or those just starting to spread their tiny employment wings.


A casual Shoreditch café that serves Ozone coffee and turns into a bar by night.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? It’s all good; they launched with freelancers in mind.
Ideal working hours: Weekdays from 8am – get your work done before the bar livens up at 5ish.
Bonus points: Le Bun are currently in residence if you get peckish.

Mare Street Market

Mare Street Market

A stylish and casual pitstop with restaurants, bars and shops in an old 50s office space.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? Delightfully chill.
Ideal working hours: 8am – late.
Bonus points: Flying Horse Coffee, and a few artisanal goods to scoop up before you head home.

The Hoxton Hotel

Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch

A swish East-London hotel boasting probably the coolest meeting rooms in the city. READ MORE

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? It’s another buy-a-couple-of-tipples-and-you’re-good-to-go situation.
Ideal working hours: 8am – close.
Bonus points: It’s a hotel, so if a once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough means you work through last tube (…all buses have broken down and Uber actually ends this time) you’ll have somewhere to sleep.

Netil 360

A rooftop workspace, cafe, and bar with inspiring views across the city. READ MORE

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? They welcome freelancers with open arms; the only thing they ask is that any food and drink consumed is bought from them.
Ideal working hours: 12pm – 5pm, Wednesday – Friday. Please note, they’re closed October – December except for Friday and Saturday afternoon/evenings.
Bonus points: Impressive sunsets and Tres the rooftop dog.


The Social, Fitzrovia

A retro wood-panelled workspace boasting burgers and booze. 

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? Extremely.
Ideal working hours: 12.30 – 5.30pm.
Bonus points: Booths can be reserved in advance for meetings, totally free of charge. Oh and they have on-site tech support (say wahhh…).

Picturehouse Central

Cinema, stroke cafe, stroke restaurant, stroke bar. And quite the looker at that. 

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? No worries here.
Ideal working hours: 8am – 12pm.
Bonus points: Films. At your fingertips. Plus dogs, and some seriously reasonable pick-and-mix priced by the pot (get squashing).


The Southbank Centre

The UK’s largest arts centre overlooking England’s longest river, now with a newly refurbished area for even more space. 

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? They’re mostly there to support the shows. You are the least of their worries.
Ideal working hours: 10am – 11pm.
Bonus points: Lots of floors, lots of furniture, plus some pretty decent views – and a rooftop garden to escape to when you need a break.

National Theatre

National Theatre where to work

A brutalist icon filled with all kinds of quiet, comfy seating.

Plug sockets: yes.
Wifi: yes.
How chilled are the staff? So cool. You could get away with not buying a thing (but you probably should. Support the arts, and that).
Ideal working hours: 9.30am – 11pm.
Bonus points: You can take a backstage tour on your lunchbreak. Plus, they have a great shop.

The Coffee Works Project

A quaint, family-run, industrial-style place, this is where to work in London as a freelancer who likes peace, quiet, and plenty of go juice.

Plug sockets: Yes.
Wifi: Yes.
How chilled are the staff? Stay hydrated and they stay sedated.
Ideal working hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm.
Bonus points: Fresh pastries every morning and cakes baked on-site, making for a very enjoyable aroma.



Granger and Co, Chelsea

The latest addition to Bill Granger’s Aussie-inspired empire, this is where to work for freelancers who want to expand theirs, too.

Plug sockets: Yes.
Wifi: Yes.
How chilled are the staff? Probably less so around lunchtimes, but fortunately the Saatchi Gallery is just around the corner making a considerate lunch break more than enjoyable. The rest of the day they’re very welcoming.
Ideal working hours: 7am – 12pm, 3pm – 6pm.
Bonus points: A drinks selection including smoothies with homemade almond milk, raw cacao, banana and honey; avocado frappés with vanilla ice cream; and spiced almond milk chai.

No. 11 Pimlico Road

An all-day restaurant and bar serving up Modern European food to Pimlico locals.

Plug sockets: Yes.
Wifi: Yes.
How chilled are the staff? Cool cats.
Ideal working hours: 9am – 12am.
Bonus points: The interior design is on point. It makes for a very pretty office.


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