Winter Cocktails With Dr Johnny Drain | Johnnie Walker & Baileys

Winter Cocktails With Dr Johnny Drain

Winter Cocktails With Dr Johnny Drain

Winter Cocktails With Dr Johnny Drain | Johnnie Walker & Baileys

Nothing beats a good winter cocktail.

And the people behind Johnnie Walker & Baileys have enlisted the help of the prodigiously talented mixologist Dr Johnny Drain to create a series of drinks that seem like a roaring fire, a woolly jumper, and a hot water bottle had all been wrapped up into each festive sip.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Dr Johnny Drain is a cook, flavour expert and PhD material scientist who’s worked with the likes of Mr Lyan, Mirazur (No.1 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list), and Silo to help create their award-winning menus. Here, he’s created a set of pre & post dinner winter edition cocktails all inspired by the rich, comforting food that we all like to dip into during the winter months. They include a Pre-Dinner Hot Crumpet Highball with Johnnie Walker Black Label and a hot Post-Dinner Chilli Chocolate with Baileys Original Irish Cream. If you want to get hold of them, there are two ways to do it:


Having a little ballast to go with the drinks isn’t a terrible plan. And as luck would have it, the excellent Edwardian food playground that is Market Halls Fulham will furnish you with both a fantastic dinner and – between 2nd & 15th December – Dr Drain’s superlative cocktails, too.

You can score a Hot Crumpet Highball with Johnnie Walker (which pairs perfectly with a fried buttermilk chicken sandwich from Butchies); or The Chilli Chocolate with Baileys for afters (with a little something from Love Churros, if you fancy).


Thankfully, the recipes are fairly straightforward. So if you fancy impressing your guests with your cocktail game this festive season just set yourself up with the following:

The Pre-Dinner Hot Crumpet Highball (Units per serve: 2.0)

Captures the cosiness of a fire-side crumpet picking out the notes of caramel, vanilla and pecan in Johnnie Walker Black Label. Perfect before dinner.


  • Brown-butter washed Johnnie Walker Black Label 50ml (Units: 2.0) (55g x unsalted butter, 200ml Johnnie Walker Black Label – this will be enough for 4 drinks)
  • Pear juice 75ml
  • Spiced pear and ginger syrup 25ml (2 pears, 100g sugar, 200g water, 1 star anise, 2 cloves, peeled ginger and cinnamon)
  • Soda water 75ml
  • Bay leaf
  • Toasted crumpet
  • Candied ginger


To make brown-butter washed Johnnie Walker:

  1. Melt 55g of unsalted butter in a saucepan over a medium heat. Wait until the butter starts to brown and tiny flecks of brown appear at the bottom
  2. Take off heat and carefully add 200ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label
  3. Pour into a container, allow to cool, then freeze overnight
  4. Remove and strain the liquid to remove the solids

To make the spiced pear and ginger syrup:

  1. Combine 2 pears (peeled and quartered), 100g sugar, 200ml water, 1 star anise, 2 cloves, a thumb of peeled ginger, and a pinch of cinnamon in a saucepan
  2. Bring to boil and allow to simmer gently for 20 mins. Strain to remove solids
    To build the cocktail:
  3. Combine 50ml of the brown-butter washed Johnnie Walker Black Label, 75ml of the pear juice and 25ml of the spiced pear syrup in a highball glass filled with ice. Top with 75ml of soda water
  4. Garnish with a round of toasted crumpet skewered on a cocktail stick with a bay leaf and a piece of candied ginger

Top tip: If you don’t have time to butter wash the whisky, spreading lots of butter on the crumpet garnish will provide a similar buttery effect!


Post-Dinner Chilli Chocolate Baileys (Units per serve: 0.9)
The ultimate post-dinner treat for something warming and perfect for indulging in after dinner over a catch-up with friends.


  • Baileys Original Irish Cream 50ml (Units: 0.9)
  • Malt drink powder 30g
  • Camp Coffee Syrup 50g
  • Oat milk 125g
  • Ancho chilli 2 pinches (between thumb and forefinger) (1g)
  • Red chilli flakes 2 pinches (0.8g)


  1. Blend the malt drink powder, the Camp Coffee, Ancho chillis and the chilli flakes with the oat milk until it has dissolved and then strain through a fine sieve
  2. Combine 100ml of the malt drink with 50ml of Baileys Original Irish Cream, then add 100ml of boiling water
  3. Stir and pour into a mug
  4. Garnish with toasted or chocolate drizzled marshmallows. For a spicy touch add a pinch of chilli flakes

Top tip: Drizzle your marshmallows in a variety of different chocolates for added wow-factor


NOTE: Dr Johnny Drain’s Pre-Dinner Hot Crumpet Highball Johnnie Walker serve & Post-Dinner Chilli Chocolate with Baileys Original Irish Cream will be available at Market Halls Fulham from 2nd-15th December 2019. 

Market Hall Fulham | 472 Fulham Road, SW6 1BY | Header Image: Justin De Souza

Like hot cocktails? Down a couple here, and get a little rooftop ice skating in while you’re there.

Winter Cocktails With Dr Johnny Drain

472 Fulham Road, Fulham, West London, SW6 1BY


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