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Amaru | St Katharine Docks Restaurant

NOTE: Amaru has sadly now closed.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end – Seneca

A statement which, with all its beauty, is also completely incorrect.

Thanks for nothing, Seneca.

Because Amaru – St Katherine Docks’ Japanese cross Peruvian Nikkei restaurant and gourmet take-away spot – is run by the same people behind the critically acclaimed (and still in existence) Bravas Tapas just down the road dock. Coming from such prestige, it is undoubtedly worthy of your curiosity, for one overarching reason.

It’s nothing like Bravas.

With one exception: it also lies in the idyllic oasis of calm shadowed by Tower Bridge that is St Katherine Docks. Meaning that after a day of strolling the south bank and London’s bridges, markets and cobbled alleys, you can settle into what is now potentially the most prestigiously decorated restaurant in the world. At least, if you get your food to take away and sit, legs dangling, on the dock edge it is.

Alternatively, you could eat in and try things like prawn ceviche with coconut and mango, toasted sesame crusted tuna with avocado, and desserts like mandarin and wasabi chocolate mousse. Amaru don’t serve alcohol, but instead make freshly squeezed juices and coffee on site each day. As well as Japanese matcha lattes.

Which actually totally beat ya lattes.


NOTE: Amaru has sadly now closed.

Amaru | Ivory House, St Katherine Docks, East Smithfield, E1W 1AT

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Ivory House, St Katherine Docks, East Smithfield, East London, E1W 1AT

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