Jason Allen 18/11/22


AngloThai is one of those popups that seems to sell out completely every single time they put on a residency, no matter how long for, and who seem to attract the kind of rave reviews that other eateries can only dream of.

And now, if you can believe it, someone’s had the utterly insane idea of giving them their own restaurant.

The key players in this crackpot scheme are husband and wife team John & Desiree Chantarasak, who together are AngloThai – he does the food, she does the wine. They make traditional Thai recipes using British produce, and they work very well together. And then there’s the restaurant group bravely backing them, MJMK, who’ve also thrown their chips behind such luminaries as KOL and Casa do Frango. So, they’re in good company, to put it mildly.


The space they’ve secured is somewhere on Eastcastle Street in Fitzrovia, although they’re not saying exactly where. But then, it’s not set to open until summer 2023, and given the pedigree of the other venues in MJMK’s portfolio (Casa do Frango), it’ll probably look pretty damn nice.

As for the menu? Well, that’s likely to be a long way off. But John Chantarasak is in the process of publishing a cookbook called Kin Thai, in which he draws from his own AngloThai heritage, and his time working at venerable places like Nahm in Bangkok, and Som Saa here in London. Expect the likes of aromatic curries, zingy seafood, and hearty grilled meats, all balanced with the cardinal flavorous of traditional Thai cuisine.


Helping ease all of this down will be Desiree’s wine list, which will lean heavily towards the collection of natural and low-intervention bottles that she’s been building up for years.

In other words… she’s got a stellar cellar.


NOTE: AngloThai is set to open in summer 2023. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. You can check out their website right here – or check out AngloThai’s pop-up at Outcrop in the meantime.

AngloThai | Eastcastle Street, W1

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Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia, W1