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Hattie Lloyd 07/01/70


Arbutus has unfortunately now closed down.

Once upon a time two friends, Anthony Demetre and Will Smith, called one another and decided that should they ever happen to open a restaurant then:

1) It would most definitely need to be called Arbutus; and

2) It would most definitely need to showcase the finest French cuisine, wine and flavours.

We would like to extend our sympathies to them, as despite their rigid plot, this restaurant didn’t turn out exactly as planned…

Instead it also has a marble bar into a spacious dining room; floor to ceiling windows; walls lined in eclectic modern art; a now-legendary policy of serving every wine on the 50-bin list by the carafe; and a Michelin Star for its food. Which is an area where Arbutus never fails to delight, thanks to dishes like hand dived plaice, squid and mackerel burgers, and white chocolate aero bars with salted caramel and poached pears.

Yep. Michelin starred aero bars.

Arbutus has unfortunately now closed down. However, there are still plenty of great restaurants in Soho



63-64 Frith Street, Soho, West London, W1D 3JW

8.9 | Great