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Neil Frame 07/01/70


NOTE: Baltic has sadly now closed. Perhaps you’d like to head up to Seabird?

Sometimes you just want an Eastern European inspired restaurant and bar serving predominantly Polish food in an extremely popular and understatedly glamorous Southwark location.

And sometimes you want other stuff.

But we’ll address those concerns another time.

For now welcome to Baltic, which promises not only to take you on “a culinary tour of the Baltics, Poland, Russia and Hungary in a minimalist converted coach builder’s” with forty foot wooden trussed ceilings and skylights, but also to feed you over 60 separate varieties of vodka  (served, as all vodka should be, from the deep freeze in either frozen glasses or carafes).

It’s perfect for winter. Which isn’t to say it’s not also good in summer, but is to say that the menu – although seasonal and regularly rotating – is basically a giant, unashamed food blanket. Featuring, as blankets do, soups of pearl barley and pumpkin; Siberian pelmeni dumplings; pickled fish; roast goose leg and lamb rump; and desserts like rum marinated plum with chocolate mousse. For drinks, there are more than thirty signature cocktails (awash primarily with their small selection of homemade spiced and aged vodkas) as well as a lengthy wine list and a rotating selection of beer.

There’s also a supersized golden chandelier in there.

It’s a highlight.

NOTE: Baltic has sadly now closed.

Baltic | 74 Blackfriars Road, Blackfriars, SE1 8HA

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74 Blackfriars Road, Blackfriars, The City and East London, SE1 8HA

7.5 | Good