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Jason Allen 04/09/16

BAO Fitzrovia

NOTE: Bao Fitzrovia has sadly now closed, but you can still score those delicious, fluffy steamed buns at Bao Soho, Bao Borough, Bao King’s Cross, Bao Shoreditch, and Netil Market.

Some people have a fear of long words.

It’s called hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

People like that love BAO, a teensy (and very popular) steamed-milk bun mecca in Soho. But chances are they’ll still love the bigger, better BAO that’s opened up in Fitzrovia.

This ambitious follow up has almost double the space of the Soho original, spanning over two levels: a typically white, minimalist, ground floor with huge windows, and a metallic-walled basement space with banquette seating slapped in front of the open kitchen.

Bao London Fitzrovia

Of course Team BAO are putting out the same classic, light-as-a-damn-cloud steamed buns stuffed with confit pork belly, beef shortrib, and (introducing exclusively to Fitzrovia) the Cod Black that they’ve become known for… but they’ve also seriously amped up the menu, starting with their “Xiao Chi” (that’s “small eats” in Mandarin) featuring nibble-ables like beef cheek & tendon nuggets, fried chicken chop with cured egg and fried mushroom with chilli onion dip.

But if what you’re really after is “big eats” then, well… they have that covered too.

Because they’ve only gone and bagged themselves a huge charcoal grill upon which – should you pre-order – they’ll happily scorch you a sharing platter of meats like chilli chicken and 40 day-aged rump cap, served alongside bao, pickles, and “the Champagne of rices” from Chi Shiang in Taiwan.

BAO Fitzrovia

And naturally there are cocktails on this outpost’s massively expanded drinks menu, featuring originals like the Sweet Potato Sour, the blood orange-laced Ha-Hi, and the 9,000 Year Old Grog.

Obviously, it’s not actually that old…

But you might feel that way the day after.


NOTEBAO Fitzrovia has now closed.

BAO Fitzrovia | 31 Windmill Street, W1T 2JN

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BAO Fitzrovia

31 Windmill Street, Fitzrovia, Central London, W1T 2JN

9.0 | Amazing