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Hattie Lloyd 24/01/17

Bel-Air Farringdon

NOTE: Unfortunately, Bel Air has now closed both branches.

Now this is a story all about how… a healthy takeaway joint in Shoreditch opened its first eat-in restaurant in Farringdon.

It all started with the success of the original branch – which has enjoyed two pretty solid years, thanks to its Californian-inspired menu that makes whole foods less “boring ol’ bag o’ nuts” and more “hey, this salad is genuinely edible.”

Its Farringdon edition is keeping the same recipes for success, only this time they’re getting served in a bigger, breezier space, with terrace seating under yellow and white striped umbrellas, and communal tables indoors with blue linen banquettes, wireframe chairs and a backdrop of palm trees.

The original menu (developed by former Zucca and St John chef Damian Currie) has had a little expansion to match; meaning your breakfast menu not only has the famous open Cali breakfast sandwiches, but now also involves eggs with a choice of 8 sides, from sesame labneh to lobster ceviche. For breakfast.

Lunch too is retaining the original salad vs ”hot stuff” (official title) thing, so you’ll find roasted sweet potato black bean salad alongside freshly made falafels, and Pollo Chilli Verde with coriander rice and blue corn tortillas. As for drinks, they’ll have bottomless filter coffee from stupidly good roasters Ozone, cold brew on tap, healthy shakes aaand house-made juices. Although, being in the know, you’ll be asking them to make a yours into a lighter, thirst-quenching spritzer by adding in soda.

Because that’ll make you the refreshed prince of Bel-Air.


NOTE: Sadly Bel-Air has now closed.

Bel-Air Farringdon | 12 New Fetter Lane, EC4A

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Bel-Air Farringdon

12 New Fetter Lane, Farringdon, East London, EC4A

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