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Hattie Lloyd 07/01/70

Bobo Social

Bobo Social | Fitzrovia Restaurant

Note: Sadly Bobo Social has now closed.

In 100,000 years time, when spacefaring future generations of humanoid archaeologists study Londoners’ 2000AD eating patterns, one dietary phenomenon will reign supreme.

The Burger.

Thankfully Bobo Social are here to ensure that they know you ate them in style, and they’re doing so by incorporating a whole lot of ‘new’ into the now established London burger scene.

New’, like:

• A 300°C wood-fired oven with weekly-rotating single-source woods so the 100% British meat/veg burgers are perpetually infused with varying ‘timberesque’ flavors.

• A bargain lunch takeaway special: Bobo Burger and a side for just £10.

• A Monday night/Saturday brunch Experimental Burger Society – a cooking class where you’ll sip on cocktails and get your hands dirty crafting exotic burgers from tasty meats such as kangaroo, zebra, alligator, venison and ostrich.

• A classic champagne and dessert cocktail list with mix-ups like the ‘Lavender Bomb’ and the ‘Bees Knees’, both of which happen to be, in fact, the bee’s knees.

• A subtle hint of fittingly aromatic wood fire smoke streaming from the kitchen.

• A feeling, as a result of said smoke (or possibly smoke inhalation) that you’re in a cozy inglenook.

Plus, lemon and cucumber-infused tap water.

Can’t get that at McDonalds.


NOTE: Bobo Social is open now. You can reserve tables by either emailing [email protected] or calling 0207 636 9310.

Bobo Social | 95 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PZ

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Bobo Social

95 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, Fitzrovia, Central, W1T 4PZ

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