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Cô Ba

NOTE: Cô Ba has sadly now closed.

Struggling to get your fix of Aussie-inspired Vietnamese food can be Hanoi-ing. Not anymore.

Cô Ba is the brainchild of Australian-Vietnamese chef Damon Bui and literally means ‘auntie number three’ – his mother’s nickname in the family. Her cooking was legendary down under, and this restaurant is his attempt to share it with you. Like the places that inspired it, it’s a long way from home, but hold firm as you travel up York Way and soon enough the dark green frontage and exposed lightbulbs will signal the end of your journey.

As you’d expect with a chic, industrial, Vietnamese hangout, the interior has all the hallmarks of metalworks couture – if such a thing existed. It’s stylish, fun and the perfect place to kick back with…


There’s a number of small plates to start, ranging from lotus root crisps to crab & pork spring rolls. Meanwhile the big bowls are split into two categories: Noodle Salads – which are accompanied by a variety of charcoal BBQ’d meats and seafood, and Soup Noodles – where you’ll find classics like beef pho and duck ramen. To finish, there’s simply cake of the day or a cocktail. Which brings us nicely onto…


It’s unclear whether Damon’s mother served up concoctions like these during his childhood, but if she did, she was simultaneously the most awesome and irresponsible parent around. Behind the bar there’s apple whiskey sours, smoking Manhattans and one of their bestsellers, the Cô Ba Roman Holiday – a Campari, vodka, strawberry and orange composition topped with Campari sorbet.

With all that on offer, if you don’t go, you’ll get some serious Pho-Mo.


NOTE: Cô Ba has sadly now closed.

Cô Ba | 244 York Way, N7 9AG

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Cô Ba

244 York Way, King's Cross, North London, N7 9AG


7.5 / 10

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