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Curio + Tå Tå

Curio + Tå Tå | Haggerston Restaurant

NOTE: Sadly, Tå Tå has now left Curio Cabal. Happily, you’ll now find Island Social Club in residence…

Everybody likes rice.

Except Spiderman.

It reminds him too much of his Uncle Ben.

Well, the people at Curio + Tå Tå love rice. And they’re pouring that love into their grain-focused restaurant. It’s a collaboration between the people at East London coffeeshop the Curio Cabal, and former popup Tå Tå Ricery, and here’s how the partnership goes down:


The restaurant is housed in Curio Cabal’s Hagerstown coffeeshop space, which is thus supplying the ambiance (bright, with large windows and white walls), furnishings (made from rough, beautiful reclaimed wood), and the welcoming coffeeshop vibe.


The kitchen is run by a Chinese-Portuguese duo of chefs who studied under Nuno Mendes at Viajante and The Chiltern Firehouse. Every dish on the menu is designed to be eaten with a bowl of rice – you’ll find everything from congee with crispy chicken skin & dough sticks; to butiffara with Catalan sausages, sour turnip tops and a fried egg; to Japanese Amaebi prawn tartare with fermented cabbage.


Thanks to their former mentor Nuno Mendes, they’ve also scooped the former head mixologist at Viajante to put together their drinks menu. The list includes a purple-hued Yuki (with sake, almond water, and rose ice), the caffeine-laden Espresso Martini v2.0 (with dark chocolate infused mescal), and the Black Sesame Old Fashioned, whose bourbon is infused with – you guessed it – black sesame.

Of course, the place still functions as a coffeeshop, so you can grab a Square Mile latte, and log in to the free WiFi.

In case you want to browse the web.


NOTE: Sadly, Tå Tå has now left Curio Cabal. Happily, you’ll now find Island Social Club in residence…

Curio | 258 Kingsland Road, E8 4DG

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Curio + Tå Tå

258 Kingsland Road, Dalston, East London, E8 4DG

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