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El Patron

El Patron | Putney Restaurant & Tequila Bar

NOTE: El Patron has sadly now closed.


It makes you happy.

And so does using Google Translate to interpret the sentence, “Bienvenido a El Patron, el primer tequila bar y restaurante de comida callejera Mexicana en Putney”.

Particularly if you live in Putney.

Behold THREE reasons why you may want to go:

1. The Tequila: There are 60 different types. All of which are 100% agave and all of which can be utilised, at your request, to make any of El Patron’s 17 cocktails. Two of them are for sharing (coming in either a ceramic donkey or a Mexican skull) and fifteen of them are very much not for sharing in any way whatsoever. Which is good, because you’ll want to enjoy those jalapeño margaritas and dark chocolate martinis all to yourself.

2. The Mexican Food: Traditional Mexican fare like chicken, pork, beef and vegetarian burritos, quesadillas and five variations of tacos; four separate dips for tortilla chips; and two types of guacamole. The first type can best be described as “standard guacamole”, while the second type handily brings us to point three.

3. The Secret Guacamole. Sshh, it’s a secret.

No hay ninguna razón para esta frase, simplemente quería usar Google Translate una vez más. Nos vemos más tarde cocodrilo.


NOTE: El Patron has sadly now closed.

El Patron | 141 Upper Richmond Road, SW15 2TX

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El Patron

141 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, South London, SW15 2TX