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Neil Frame 04/05/17

Foxlow Balham

NOTE: Foxlow Balham has now closed. You can find more great Balham restaurants here though…

Balham is listed in the Domesday Book – the surveyors totalled up the full net worth of all the homes, fields, livestock, and other assets in the entire village.

It came to £2.

Nowadays, it’s worth juuust a shade more than that. And places like Foxlow Balham are contributing a great deal to it all. After launching under the wing of the Hawksmoor chain, the restaurant itself has decided to start forging its own identity, both in its menu and in its design. The upshot is that it has moved away from the group’s favoured Art Deco approach to adopt an understated mix of mid-century touches, with even a few splashes of neon thrown in for good measure.


Foxlow Balham

Menu-wise, there’s still steak making an apprearance, but its very much as an adjunct to their main offerings. You’ll find starters like five pepper squid with devilled mayo; and slow-cooked Tamworth spare ribs. Sizing-up, the mains include a whole royal sea bream; and fried chicken with apple & fennel slaw. There’s even a dedicated vegetarian & vegan section now, where you can score the likes of a spice-roasted cauliflower, or some sweet potato dumplings with fried shitaake mushrooms.  Now, we head,


Here lies The Owl. A standalone cocktail bar in its own right, it’s also where you’ll find yourself if you have an hour to casually assassinate before or after your meal. The cocktail list rolls with classics like the Shakey Pete’s Ginger Brew (gin, ginger, lemon, and beer) sitting alongside other originals like the Hedgerow Daisy with gin, blackberries, and lime. Just be warned not to order too many.

It might cost more than a couple of quid.


NOTE: Foxlow Balham has now closed. You can find more great Balham restaurants here though…

Foxlow Balham | 15-19 Bedford Hill, SW12 9EX

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Foxlow Balham

15-19 Bedford Hill, Balham, South London, SW12 9EX

7.5 | Good