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Imli Street | Indian Street Food In Soho

NOTE: Imli Street has now closed. However, a more informal branch of sister restaurant Tamarind Mayfair (the first Indian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star) has replaced it. It’s called Tamarind Kitchen, and you can book online HERE.

Let’s talk about street food.

Because if you think it’s hot right now, you should’ve seen the way that fried fish used to fly off Ancient Greek street stalls 2,000 years ago…

From the hundreds of street food vendors uncovered during the excavation of Pompeii and the “fragrant bites of hot meat” sold on street corners in Renaissance Turkey, to the banning of NYC street food vendors in 1707 and the popularity of tripe, jellied eels and whelk on the street food stalls of Victorian London – street food’s always been busy.

But in few places has it been busier than India.

To get a taste of how it’s so seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of Indian culture and society, you have two choices:

1. Go to Imli Street in Soho or

2. Spend a couple of months in India, eating tikkas from food carts in Mumbai; masalas in Goan beach huts; and biryanis on the Pune to New Delhi express.

If you choose option #1, then congratulations: you’re heading to a new bi-level, East Village-style loft space in Soho that combines exposed brick, concrete and industrial fittings with signature cocktails and an Indian street food menu (divided into four sections: Food Cart; Railway Cuisine; Beyond Borders and Coastal Shack) expertly created by the Indian culinary A-Team behind Mayfair’s Michelin-starred Tamarind…

And if you choose option #2, then pack nappies.

NOTE: Imli Street has now closed. However, Tamarind Kitchen has now opened in its place – READ MORE.

 Imli Street | 167-169 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 8WR

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