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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Little Black Door

Sorry, Little Black Door has now closed.

Secret underground pop up bars in London : all the rage.

The latest of these is “Little Black Door”.  A temporary pop up bar, tucked away behind Selfridges until the end of August 2011, it’s the brainchild of Nick House and Piers Adam (Whiskey Mist, the Punchbowl and Mahiki).

It should at this point (largely in order to avoid you being disappointed when you arrive) be pointed out that the name Little Black Door is merely a play on the phrase “Little Black Book”. The door, although black, is entirely normal in size: it’s not even slightly small.  A tiny little door for guests to crawl through, which could have then lead (Wonka-style) to a huge bar inside would have been – we believe – quite a hit.

Fortunately, even without such an unnecessary novelty (which probably no-one, except for us, would have really liked), the leather lounge seating and guest DJs at this dark and sultry pop up bar still ought to be be shared with friends – ideally over a few late night cocktails and a bit of celebrity-spotting.

Do make sure to call ahead in order to reserve a table or a spot on the guestlist.  Once that’s done, as soon as your night rolls around, all you’ll have left to do is find that secret (normal-sized) little black door…

Sorry, this pop up has now closed.

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Little Black Door

23 Orchard Street, Mayfair, Central London, W1H 6HL