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NOTE: Mimo has now permanently closed.

There’s no official training for being a waiter.

You just pick things up as you go along.

There is however considerable amount of training that goes into being a chef. And for good reason. Turning good food into fantastic, restaurant-worthy food requires a little learning. And it’s exactly that learning you’ll get at Mimo. Only, instead of that traditional pressure-cooker environment, it’ll involve booze, conversation, and good old fashioned fun.

You’ll find Mimo by Borough Market, in a beautiful space along Cathedral Street that used to be a banana warehouse. It’s got huge, floor-to-ceiling sash windows, brass fixtures, and a set of gorgeous communal iron & wood tables around which the classes take place. The whole concept hails from the Basque country (San Sebastian to be precise, and they have branches in Sevilla, Mallorca & the Algarve too), but the founder is actually an Englishman who fell in love with the food there. So in a way, it’s finally come home.

Mimo London

The culinary talent comes in the form of Basque-born head chef Joseba Lasa. His previous position was as executive chef of Urban Caprice, where he catered for heads of state and royal families. He leads all the classes, most of which highlight the breadth of Iberian cooking, and all of which take advantage of the British produce available literally surrounding the venue.

Classes include everything from pinxos, to paella, to Spanish classics, and even a good ‘ol Sunday roast. They all come with a welcome drink, an aperitif, a hands-on class, a multi-course lunch comprised of the dishes made in that class, a selection of wines, a digestif, and some recipes to take home.

Which, you will learn, is an extremely fun way to spend an afternoon.


NOTE: Mimo has now permanently closed.

Mimo London | 1 Cathedral Street, SE1 9DE

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Mimo London

1 Cathedral Street, Borough, SE1 9DE

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