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Oklava Bakery + Wine

NOTE: Oklava Bakery + Wine has sadly now closed.

The people at Oklava have started a Turkish bakery.

And it’s raised more than just their game.

It’s called Oklava Bakery + Wine (we’ll get to the second half of that equation in a bit), and it’s in Fitzrovia taking the place of their former restaurant Kyseri, which specialised in Turkish pasta. And while that was all quite delicious, the owners Selin Kiazim & Laura Christie decided that there was a lot more potential to be milled from it. So they installed a ‘cool room’ for overnight proving of dough. It’s actually quite a complex installation, they even had to raise money on Kickstarter for it. And now, they’re putting it to very good use.

The dining space has been spruced up too. Orange banquettes have been replaced by classic bentwood chairs, and standing room at the front of the restaurant has been upgraded to countertops filled with reams upon reams of baked goods.

Oklava Bakery + Wine

Speaking of which, they open from 8am every day to serve up everything from spiced baharat bread, to simit bagels, to tahinli pastries made with tahini & sugar, and much more besides. If you’re into something a little heartier, they’re also making medjool date butter toasties with smoked bacon; French toast with pistachio + orange blossom; and Turkish poached eggs with whipped garlic yoghurt & hot chilli butter.

Then there’s the aforementioned wine half of the equation. If you stick around for lunch and/or dinner, you’ll be treated to a “bulletproof” wine list drawing from Eastern-oriented list of vineyards in Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon, Georgia and Greece. They’ll all go with dishes from a daily changing menu that will include the likes of Tepsi kebabs with beef fat onions and brown butter; Cypriot pumpkin with rice and sultana börek; and deliciously filled manti dumplings.

After which you’ll be stuffed too.


NOTE: Oklava Bakery + Wine has sadly now closed.

Oklava Bakery + Wine | 64 Grafton Way, Fitzrovia, W1T 5DN

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Oklava Bakery + Wine

64 Grafton Way, Fitzrovia, Central London, W1T 5DN

020 7383 3717

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