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Old Tom & English

Old Tom & English | Soho Restaurant

NOTE: Sadly, Old Tom & English has now closed down. 

Behold a foolproof technique for sculpting the perfect model of a 1960’s drawing room:

1) Get a giant block of marble.

2) Chip away anything that doesn’t look like a 1960’s drawing room.

Which is exactly how Old Tom & English – a marble-heavy, modernist cocktail bar and restaurant hidden in the depths of an 18th Century Soho basement – came into being. Designed by Lee Broom (who’s hoping to clean up at the next Interior Design Awards), it comes replete with a circular Carrara marble fireplace, shag red carpet, bespoke Saarinen hopsack-chairs, brass ornamental fittings, oak panelled walls and five cozy, dimly lit private cloisters.

Plus modern British food. And wine. And vintage cocktails.

Cocktails which – after you’ve rung the doorbell, been greeted through the secret hatch, descended the stairs into the basement and been seated (having previously requested it) in the ‘cora’ room – will have their arrival signalled by the lighting up of a crystal bulb. At which point you’ll need only slide open the cabinet doors of a retro mantelpiece in order to retrieve the concoctions you’ve ordered, from elderflower liqueur gin and spiced soda Tom Collins to barrel-aged Old Fashioneds.

Alternatively you could just sit by the fireplace in the lounge, having your cocktails garnished either at one of the sideboards, revolving cocktail cabinets or bar carts stocked with marble glassware (which is just like normal glassware, only made from money marble). Or you could order from the highly shareable food menu, which features modern British cuisine influenced by traditionally homely fare like battered fish and chips, deep fried popcorn cockles, banana bread with whisky cream and jam roly poly.

Which means, in summary, that the next time you’re in the mood for a 1960’s Lee Broom-designed drawing room restaurant / cocktail-soaked basement you could either:

1) Get to work on a giant block of marble… or,

2) Head to Old Tom & English.

NOTE: Sadly, Old Tom & English has now closed down. Looks like you better get yourself a block of marble…

Old Tom & English | 187b Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 8ZB 

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Old Tom & English

187b Wardour Street, Soho, Central London, W1F 8ZB

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