Panzo | Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant and Deli in Exmouth Market
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Panzo | Exmouth Market Restaurant 

Everyone kneads pizza.

That’s a fact.

And one that only bodes well for brand new, Neapolitan pizza joint Panzo, soon to open up in Exmouth Market.

The space will be both Italian & Scandinavian inspired – think copper topped tables, herringbone wooden floors and concrete banquettes with oversized leather cushions. That, and it’ll also boast two outside areas should the sun make a surprise appearance.

The menu will take its influence from the Neapolitan panuozzo sandwich (which itself is made from wood-fired pizza dough), which means all of the pizzas will be individually sized, made with double-cooked, lighter dough, and topped with a variety of seasonal ingredients. Ingredients like mushroom, mozzarella, goat cheese, stilton, pine nuts and honey; pumpkin, courgette, mozzarella and ham; and gorgonzola, raisins and apple.

The panuozzo sandwich itself will also feature, as well as daily salads; plates of mezzo; and Italian pastries and Tiramisu for sweets. And to wash it all down there will be taps conveniently dispensing beer, wine and prosecco.

Whichhhhh – while we’re on the topic of convenience – brings us to the fact that Panzo will also have a variety of Italian produce like olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes available for you peruse, and then most likely buy and take home.

Because everyone needs them too.


NOTE: Panzo is open Monday-Saturday, 12-10.30pm.

 Panzo | 50 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QE 

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50 Exmouth Market, Islington, North London, EC1R 4QE


8.5 / 10

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