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Pitt Cue City

Pitt Cue City | Liverpool Street Restaurant

NOTE: Pitt Cue City has sadly now closed.

We’re not quite sure how to tell you this. It would probably help if you were sitting down.

…The Pitt Cue on Carnaby had to go away and live on a farm.

Don’t worry. It has plenty of room to run around now, and there are lots of other BBQ joints there it can play with. But you won’t be seeing it any longer.

The good news though, is that we have a much bigger, better Pitt Cue now. It’s in Devonshire Square, and you won’t have to wait three hours for one of six tables. Here, you can actually book tables. And there are dozens of them! The rustic-industrial space is so huge, in fact, that they now have their own butchery on site. A butchery which fuels:

An all-new, more expansive menu

Which naturally changes every day. A few example dishes include a huge Mangalitza loin chop, some melt-in-the-mouth smoked beef neck, a plate of rabbit & eel sausages, a straight-up onglet steak, and some brill – a plaice-like fish that basically reviews itself. Yes, they are doing seafood. And there will be no pulled pork, ever again. If you need a stiff drink after reading that sentence, then fear not. There’s also:

A cocktail bar

Which is pretty bourbon heavy, as you’d expect… but the cocktail list itself is extremely well-balanced. It’s split between classics (which they’ve re-worked for different spirits – you’ll find a Martini with mescal, and an Old Fashioned with rum) and originals; the glorious Soulless Sour is loaded with blood orange, bourbon, and “orange coal”.

Still not enough booze for you? Well, thankfully they also have:

A goddamn brewery

Yes, sitting snugly behind that cocktail bar is the Alphabeta brewery, from which they’ll be putting out insanely fresh beers including a Porter, an IPA, a Best Bitter, and most remarkably a Bourbon Brown; an ale-style beer put together with oak chips from the smoker, and whiskey from the bar. The aim is to make it “a beer and a shot in one glass”.

Probably best if you’re sitting down for that, too.


NOTE: Pitt Cue City has sadly now closed.

Pitt Cue Co | 1 The Avenue, Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YP

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Pitt Cue City

1 The Avenue, Devonshire Square, Liverpool Street, The City and East London, EC2M 4YP

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