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Platform 1

Platform 1 | East Dulwich Restaurant

NOTE: Platform 1 has now closed.

We like puns. They’re a rewording experience.

And East Dulwich’s Platform 1 happens to be a very subtle one. Not only does it refer to the train station next door, but it also the very concept of the restaurant itself – you see, the whole place is, essentially, one big platform for up-and-coming chefs to showcase their cooking, letting them take total control of the kitchen for four months at a time.

The space itself is modern, with clean lines, and just enough minimalism to evoke the blank canvas that the menu delivers. And given that not only does that menu rotate frequently, but the type of cuisine too, it’s very difficult to actually nail down any consistent vibe, other than its sheer quality. 

Previous tenants in the kitchen have included Chilean chef Marcelo Henriquez of ONA Kitchen (which could well be the best Chilean restaurant in the UK), Smoke & Salt (who’s reviews couldn’t get much better), and Perilla (we take that back, the reviews could be as good as Perilla’s).

As of writing, you can expect to find “Naked Flame” led by Chef Michael Nottman-Watt (ex- The Dairy), with bellyfillers ranging from cherrywood smoked trout with burnt brassica dashi, to Korean bbq doughnuts, to poached chicken breast with leg baked in banana leaf, and roasted lettuce.

The one rule each chef is expected to comply with? They all have to deliver a five-course tasting menu, always priced at just £35.

Which is very rewarding. 

NOTE: Platform 1 has now closed.

Platform 1 | 71 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22 8EP

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Platform 1

71 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, South London, SE22 8EP

020 3609 2050

8.8 | Great