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NOTE: Poco has now closed.

Welcome to The Nudge’s Q&A on Poco

A guy called Three Finger Pete made all of the tabletops at Broadway Market’s new seasonal tapas restaurant, Poco.

So what?

Well Pete’s ability to make the most of what he has – which is actually eight fingers, as opposed to just three – is a metaphor (albeit a bad one) for Poco’s underlying ethos of sustainability.

How so?

Brought to London by Eco Chef Tom Hunt – the author of ‘The Natural Cook’, and founder of The Forgotten Feast – Poco also makes the most of what it has by using local farms and foragers located within 100 miles of the restaurant; by making its own tinctures and cordials; by using no foil or cling film; by being almost 100% waste-neutral; and by ensuring that its contents – which include Three Finger Pete’s tables, and Tom’s friend Gizmo’s light shades and plates – are all either reclaimed or salvaged.

Roger that. What’s on the menu?

Great question. You’re good at this. The menu of organic and seasonal tapas is inspired by Chef Hunt’s travels around India, Spain, Morocco, Mexico… and a bunch of other places we can’t remember.  This month you’ll find dishes like sweet corn spelt fritters with English chillies, beetroot puree with borage and crispbread, saddleback chorizo with red wine, Berkshire pork belly with lemon and fennel and, for dessert, organic ice cream with clotted cream, chocolate and salted caramel, and goat’s milk chocolate pots with caramelized beetroot and whipped curd.

Is it possible to go for brunch?

You can go for brunch, and probably should. Particularly if you’d like to combine an organic Beetroot Bloody Mary with Tom’s “Morish Scramble”, which is a fry up of minced chorizo in oil with smoked paprika, folded in three shallow pan-fried eggs and served on sourdough with harissa beans and spring onion.

Can I ask one final question?

Definitely not.


NOTE: Poco is sadly now closed.

Poco | 129A Pritchards Road, London E2 9AP

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129A Prichards Road, Hackney, London Fields, E2 9AP

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