Rawduck Have A New Winter Menu | And It Has Sharing Pies...
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Rawduck Have A New Winter Menu... With Sharing Pies

NOTE: Rawduck has sadly now closed.

Pie is the perfect sharing dish..

…because it always creates a convenient pie chart showing exactly how much pie is left.

Which explains why Hackney’s excellent Rawduck – find out more about the place HERE – have decided to use it to centrepiece their new autumn & winter menu. The pies are large enough for two people at least, and come with a daily changing lineup of fillings (for example, chicken, leek, and pancetta with roast garlic potatoes). They’re all a set price, and come with a starter a-piece for you and your dining companion. And if you want? You can add a carafe of red/white wine.

Joining it on the new menu, you’ll also find the likes of ham hock with apple, dandelion, mustard & hazelnuts; some braised squash with cavolo nero, orzo & parmesan; and a hearty rabbit & pancetta ragu with chickpeas & stracci.

The new puddings are just as effective at tapping into the season, with the likes of tahini ice cream & spiced baked figs; a dark chocolate, almonds & sea salt slab; or a baked cheesecake with peach jam & sweet pistachio dukka, which is a North African spice mix.

Which, technically, makes it a raw dukka.

NOTE: Rawduck has sadly now closed.

Rawduck | 197 Richmond Road, Hackney, London E8 3NJ

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197 Richmond Road, Hackney, East London, E8 3NJ


8.2 / 10

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