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Smoking Goat | Soho Thai Restaurant

NOTE: Smoking Goat Soho is now closed, but you can still visit their Shoreditch branch

Did you hear who won the last Bangkok Marathon?

Apparently it was a Thai.

A joke which serves no purpose at all, beyond gifting us the tenuous opportunity to divert your attention in the direction of the hottest new cocktail-soaked, Thai BBQ joint in town: Smoking Goat. 

Consider this the place to go the next time you find yourself in Soho without reservations, but with an unflinching desire to hunker down in a late night dive bar where you can enjoy either an impromptu wood grilled feast of slow roasted duck or smoked lamb ribs – served with sticky rice and Thai dipping sauces – or a cutlery-free “Whole Cornish Chilli Crab” experience.

And it is an experience.

Being predominantly a late night kind of place – which is open for dinner from 7pm ‘til midnight – the drinks here are important, hence the carefully crafted, regularly changing cocktails; the small, expertly curated selection of European wines; the daily rotating punch; and the exclusively commissioned “Goat Milk” small batch beer made by Whitechapel locals, One Mile End Brewers.

However it’s also open from 3pm-7pm each day, during which time you’ll find the kitchen serving up small dishes like fish sauce wings, coal roasted scallops and Oysters & Nam Jim while a mysterious man plays jazz saxophone in the corner.

It’s the best Oysters & Nam Jim / Jazz Sax combo in London.


NOTE: Sadly, Smoking Goat Soho has permanently closed. The good news is, you can still get your fix at Smoking Goat Shoreditch

Smoking Goat  | 7 Denmark Street, WC2H 8LZ

(Photo credit: Jordan Lee)

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Smoking Goat

7 Denmark Street, Soho, Soho, Central London, WC2H 8LZ

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