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Strut & Cluck

Strut & Cluck | Spitalfields Restaurant

NOTE: Strut & Cluck is now closed.


It’s so delicious it can be addictive.

And trying to quit by suddenly cutting yourself off is not easy. 

But it’s not really a problem many people face, because despite being an absurdly healthy meat, apart from at Christmas, people tend not to have it. And that’s something that the people at Strut & Cluck are here to change.

You see, their Commercial Street restaurant serves turkey, and only turkey. And just to really push the point home, they use an Eastern Mediterranean style of cooking…

…which includes Turkey.

The restaurant itself is a bright, airy space boasting some now-classic East London touches, including exposed lightbulbs, stripped-back wallpaper, and mismatched furnishings. In the kitchen, meanwhile, they have a charcoal grill constantly burning, with 24hr marinaded turkeys lined up to be slow-cooked on it. Here’s what’s on the menu –

On-the-bone: you’ll find bigger-than-you-thought-possible grilled drumsticks with pomegranate molasses, along with also-pretty-huge thighs with sweet potatoes & barberries.

Off-the-bone: expect hand-pulled shawarma; charred escalope with za’atar; and house-smoked turkey pastrami on sourdough.

To wash it all down, they have house cocktails like the Wild Date (which OF COURSE has Wild Turkey bourbon with date syrup), and the When Basil Met Gin’ger, which blends ginger & lemongrass infused gin with basil leaves. And if that’s not your thing, they have beers from Israel, Greece, and Crystal Palace.

Now, you know what to do.

Gobble gobble.


NOTE: Strut & Cluck is now closed.

Strut & Cluck | 151-153 Commercial St, E1 6BJ

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Strut & Cluck

151-153 Commercial St, Spitalfields, East London, E1 6BJ

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