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Taberna do Mercado

NOTE: Taberna do Mercado has now closed.

Today we’re very pleased to announce that there is now one more Nuno Mendes restaurant in your life than there was yesterday.

For this we give thanks to Taberna do Mercado: an intimate, all day dining spot in the heart of Old Spitalfields Market which – despite being a sibling to the almost-impossible-to-get-into restaurants that dot Nuno’s résumé (from elBulli and The Loft Project, to Viajante and The Chiltern Firehouse) – is both casual and totally-possible-to-get-into… for the following reasons:

1) It doesn’t take dinner reservations. And,

2) Everyone else will assume that it does.

Which is information that now leaves you perfectly poised to be one of the first in line – literally – to experience what Nuno (Executive Chef) and his long time kitchen collaborator Antonio Jose Simoes Galapito (Head Chef) have devised.

However in the jolly spirit of undermining many of the surprises that await you, we’re happy to reveal that “what they’ve devised” includes a whole menu section devoted to homemade and marinated traditional Portuguese tinned fish; a solely Portuguese – and very well priced – wine and beer menu featuring a relatively large selection of independent, small batch producers; a four-person Chef’s Table in the wine cellar, located just to the rear of the kitchen; and an alfresco dining area starring a bespoke grill obtained from the retired lumberjacks over at The London Log Company.

And in the jolly spirit of cheering up anyone who doesn’t like surprises….

… they do take reservations for lunch.


NOTE: Taberna do Mercado has now closed.

Taberna do Mercado | Old Spitalfields Market, 107b Commercial Street, London, E1 6BG

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Taberna do Mercado

Old Spitafields Market, 107b Commercial St, Spitafields, The City and East London, E1 6BG

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