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The Napoleon

The Napoleon

NOTE: The Napoleon has now closed, and the team are busy transforming the place into a whisky hotel… we’ll be back once it’s ready.

The Napoleon.

In a very considerate move, its founders decided not to place it in Waterloo.

Those founders are the people behind The Worship Street Whistling Shop, and they dropped all four stories of The Napoleon nearby in Shoreditch. It’s a boutique hotel with, uniquely, three times as many bars as rooms. Being that there is in fact just one. That room is pretty plush, with 40 sq m of space housing a super king bed, a lounge area, and a drinks trolley with bottles of pre-mixed cocktails. But if you’re reading this, chances are you already live in London, and it’s the bars you’re mostly interested in. So, going one floor down we find,


This is an Italian-style cocktail bar, with an achingly beautiful green marble bar backed by a huge renaissance-style painting. It’s from here that they serve their classic cocktails, with just three on the daily-changing menu at any one time. You’ll find the likes of a Fish House Punch, or a Rattlesnakes, but you can order any classic you care to think of. Going down another floor, we then find ourselves at,


This dedicated sherry bar is modelled after the taverns of southern Spain, with simple white walls, wooden fittings, and dozens of bottles of sherry. The barkeeps pour it the old fashioned way, with a theatrically long stick (called a Venencia, it’s used to aerate the wine), and you can also get some frostily cold beers and a short menu of tapas inc. meat, cheese, and olives, and absolutely no Beef Wellington. Going down one more floor we get to,


This subterranean whisky bar doesn’t actually have a bar. Instead, it has a large 185 year old oak tree, laid it on its end, split it in half, and turned it into a gigantic whisky-filled table. And we mean that literally. Because they’ve also cut two channels down the full length of the trunk, lined them with charred American & European oak, covered them with glass and filled each with 17 litres of whisky cocktails which age as they’re stored in there, and are delivered straight into your glass through taps at the end of the trunk. Just don’t over-order…

…if you’re a little short.

The Napoleon | 9 Christopher Street, EC2A 2BS

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The Napoleon

9 Christopher Street, Moorgate, The City and East London, EC2A 2BS


9 / 10

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