Neil Frame 07/01/70

The Shoreditch Butchery

The Shoreditch Butchery | Shoreditch Bar and Diner 

Unfortunately the Shoreditch Butchery has now closed.

Imagine the slickest cocktail bar you’ve ever seen.

Picture the white marble; the patronizing waiters; the wealthy patrons; the over-priced drinks…. and the Russian hookers (um, they’re everywhere).

Well The Shoreditch Butchery’s nothing like those places.

Because it’s fun… and dirty.

Not dirty in a “it smells funky in here” kind of way. And definitely not in a “there are Russian hookers in here” kind of way. But in a dark and sexy; industrial; graffitied kind of way. It’s dirty in the kind of way that only a mischievous mélange of dim-lighting; concrete and walls consisting of broken old doors, corrugated iron and street-art can be…especially when you’re in Shoreditch, drunk.

Speaking of booze, the beer options include Brooklyn Lager, Tiger and the very locally-brewed Shoreditch Blonde. There’s also a selection of wines available plus a teeny cocktail list featuring the Vodka Something Girly (strawberries, honey and Champagne), a giant tropical rum punch and a special “Tequila Aperitivo”.

To eat there’s a selection of dogs n’ sliders, and for those keen to enjoy big Thursday and Friday nights it becomes – at around 11pm – the top half of newly-revamped XOYO…

The Shoreditch Butchery | 32 Cowper Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4AP

Unfortunately the Shoreditch Butchery has now closed.

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The Shoreditch Butchery

32 Cowper Street, Shoreditch, The City and East London, EC2A 4AP